Flat Beds, the Call, and the Move

I woke up on the ground. Except that I’d gone to sleep on a bed. No, I hadn’t fallen out of bed.

My bed was flat.

Yes, we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress since August. In full and confidence-filled faith, we have been slowly selling each of our belongings. Our bed was among the first to go. After a little rubber-cement, the hole was patched and my bed was like new. Sorta.

Then things began to sell from our e-sale. Things that have been sitting there and I was sure wouldn’t sell. They sold today. In fact, we sold about $700 worth of stuff today.

I had this exact thought, “If the condition of my bed and the speedy sale of our items are any indicator of when we will move (into the furnished rental) then it must be soon!” I was kind of joking but almost tweeted it. I should have. It would have made for nice proof.

This evening we received an email from our church. They have been hit with a tough economy just like every other church, family, and individual. Budgets have been reduced, cut, and positions have been lost. This of course includes the mission budget. The email was full of affirmation, love, and support while informing us that we could not be financially supported at this time. This was the second email we’d received from a church this week.

Though we sort of expected this, and had already agreed that if our church couldn’t financially support us, then God would raise our funds from another source… it still came as a discouraging blow. I’m sure it’s small compared to those losing their jobs… and we feel deeply for those people.

Before I could fully regain my breath, the phone rang. It was from the family who currently live in the fully-furnished rental we will be moving into- and their delay has been our delay (regarding the move). We have been praying daily for this family- not just because we anticipate moving into their home, but because they are ALSO a family of six heading overseas to serve. We feel connected by the union of faith in Christ and desire to serve with our families.

While I expected more bad news, she instead said they had reached their 90% (miraculously) and had plane tickets for Jan. 23rd, the day we can now move in to the house.

She went on to say that they had been given the opportunity to share at a local banquet. At the end, a man approached them and said something to this effect: “Church funding for missionaries is drying up. We are entering a new trend where missionaries are not finding financial support from churches. So, we the people of the Church need to fill the gap.” He then gave them money equivalent to $400/month for 2 years. This brought them to their 90% and bought their plane tickets.

It was AMAZING that I had just read the email from my church, taken the blow, only to have her call with this news and this message.

In all of that I heard God say, “Don’t be discouraged Marcy, we are still moving forward.”

We wanted to share this encouragement with you too. We know that many of you are getting “bad” news each day… but God is not surprised that times are tough for churches and we trust He will continue to meet the financial needs of His missionaries and His churches, but perhaps in a new and fresh way.

I’m so touched that in a moment of weakness- questioning God’s plan for us, which has been so clear, that God met me immediately with words of encouragement, affirmation, and hope. The kind of hope that I never could have fostered for myself.

I was then reminded of my thought from this morning.

“If the condition of my bed and the speedy sale of our items are any indicator of when we will move (into the furnished rental) then it must be soon!”

Little did I know!

“But my God shall supply all your need according to HIs riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:19


2 thoughts on “Flat Beds, the Call, and the Move

  1. Beautiful post, Marcy. And I love the part about the church not being able to help financially (well, I don’t really ‘love’ that part, but you know what I mean) … ONLY because it helps us remember that it is the LORD, and the Lord alone, who is our source, our provider, our sustenance in all things and in all ways. Father, continue to bless this family … for your everlasting glory!

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