But It’s the Last One Ever!


We are realizing how tempting it is to become too busy because of all the “lasts” that cross our paths.

“But this is my last birthday in the US!”

“Since it’s our last Christmas here, let’s _______”

“This is my last season of tomatoes in this yard, so they’d better be amazing.”

None of those things are bad. They simply present the temptation to do too much, too often. We can wear ourselves out trying to snag every ounce of experience from our “lasts.” We can rob the joy that those experiences are supposed to have by being in too many places at once. This is stressful, not fun.

I know because I’m the Queen of Do-All-The-Fun-Stuff-Even-If-They-Overlap. And that Kingdom is far from Happily Ever After. In fact, I usually end up totally drained, flustered, and disappointing everyone to whom I’ve committed.

Take Christmas for example. The temptation is to attend every Christmas party, every Christmas parade, every cookie exchange or night of caroling or, or, or. And they are all things I want to do. Especially since it’s my last Christmas here.

Fortunately, I’ve had enough self-awareness and insight to not drag my family to every festive function that crosses our mailbox or inbox. I’ve been careful to try to pick what will truly be fun for my family, even though it’s our last.

We simply won’t (and can’t) do everything that we’d like to do.

And it’s OKAY. Really. I’m trading in the chance to enjoy every possible opportunity for it’s “final” time for truly enjoying this Christmas for its quality.

Maybe I’m alone. Maybe not.

My encouragement to all of you, missionaries or not, fundraising or not, Christmas celebrators or not- to take each moment and make it worth the experience. Don’t rush through them. Savor them.

Make the last ones special.


I’ve just been informed that my 3rd-Culture husband doesn’t relate at ALL to this post. Assuming there are others like him, I must add a separate word of encouragement to those with no sentiment for the “lasts.”

Savor something. Say goodbye to these final days of whatever season you are in by pausing to appreciate it. Acknowledge it. Perhaps you don’t need it- but quite possibly someone in your life needs this with you. 🙂


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