For God’s Glory and Fame

The Story of His Glory is a Story of Global Worship. God Reveals His Glory to the Nations, in order to Receive Glory from the Nations.

This was the theme statement from our most recent class in Perspectives. What an amazing program! We are only in week two of fifteen but already have had such a transformation of thought as it relates to our purpose… both here and on our journey to Germany. (And while we are in the class, our kids are in their own class with a missional curriculum too- our kids are now praying for people to know God also!)

This last week made us realize how vital it is that we share God’s miracles in our journey along the way- giving back to Him the glory He is displaying in our lives as we move forward in faith.

To share them all here would make this post among the longest ever written. His miracles and movement have been a constant undercurrent to our daily living- regardless of our own level of energy to perform, understanding to lean on, or circumstances to rely on. It is this undercurrent of movement that we cling to as we march on.

Instead, we will share a couple of our most meaningful recent and ginormous realities of God’s work in our adventure.

Our Start-up Costs Have Been Discovered!

That’s right folks. During Christmas we received an email that through a miracle, $11,000+ had been given to our start-up account. We needed $12,000 and had $4,000. We currently have over $17,000 and it grows daily. Who thought that in the blink of an eye, our costs would be complete? Can we doubt that the $7,600/month we still lack (to sustain living in Germany) will not also be discovered? NO WAY! We move with full confidence that our goal will be above and beyond discovered as God reveals to us His treasure map of financial and prayer support.

We Have Sold or Given Away About 90% of Our Belongings!

How is this a miracle? Months ago, Jeremy mentioned that we should look into renting a smaller home so we could downsize while establishing our own home as a rental. My response was something to the effect of, “Why would I live in Fresno and not be in my house? I love my house! :)” God was gentle with my reluctant heart. As time passed and experiences grew, I realized just how practical and wise his suggestion was. The logic began to outweigh my feeling. I approached him in agreement that his plan was a good one and we should begin to look into renting a place. Before we could take our next step, the phone rang. It was an educational mentor of Jeremy saying that he had a ministry home for fundraising missionaries- and that God was asking him to offer it to us next. WHAT??? Fast forward through a lot of mini-miracles, grand-miracles, and spiritual attack, we are IN that very home. We moved in on Wednesday. I am giddy to say that this ministry home is a fully furnished beauty that blesses me from head to soul. My kids immediately felt at home here and I have been able to release my attachment to “my” house. In addition, we already have renters for our house and they are an amazing family with whom we share many crossed paths. Isn’t God ironic?

Oh, how to adequately describe the work that God is doing in our lives! These words are small compared to standing in my shoes watching it all unfold. I know a number of you have expressed amazement just watching from the sidelines.

Indeed, God is up to something. And it is a something that is far great than actually getting us to Germany. We have only tasted the brim of His cup-o-plan but we know that it involves global worship, revealing His glory to the nations, and receiving glory from the nations. Holy Cow!


3 thoughts on “For God’s Glory and Fame

  1. I loved taking Perspectives! It was a great class and I learned so much. I would take it again and I’m sure God would teach me even more. Praising God with you as he leads you to follow him in everything as you prepare for Germany.

  2. PTL for his faithfulness and his gentle prodding us into the difficult decisions we need to make. God’s best to you as you continue to work towards your goal and marvel at his ability to surprise and supply!

  3. Psalm 28:7…The lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and i’m helped..”
    There aré many factors outside your control, but they are all under God’s control. And when you’re going by his timetable he is able to take care of those things for you… God bless you!!

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