Are You Taking the Kids?

Liz sharing with her Sunday School class about our family's journey to Black Forest Academy

One of the funny questions we sometimes get asked is, “Are you taking the kids along?” We can’t even begin to imagine leaving our kids behind indefinitely, let alone for the two year minimum commitment.

So yes, we are taking all of our children along with us.

But they are not only coming… they are going.

Each of our children knows that God has a purpose for them on this adventure. They are not just being dragged along as the children of missionaries. They are missionaries.

We’ve especially been struck by the unique wiring of our oldest two children. They come from the Foster Care system and are well acquainted with moves, saying “goodbye,” and separation from loved ones. Just like Missionary Kids (MKs). We embrace their unique design and experience as it draws them alongside the many unique traits of MKs. We fully believe that God hand-picked them for our family in order to complete our “team” as we head to Black Forest Academy. The doors for service abroad flew open once their adoptions into our family were finalized. None of this is coincidence.

Liz was recently given the opportunity to share with her 6th grade Sunday School class about our journey to Black Forest Academy. What an honor and a privilege! She stood in front of her friends and peers and communicated the beauty and importance of  ministries like Black Forest Academy and TeachBeyond. She answered their questions and shared her heart for this family calling. What a blessing that her Sunday School teacher called upon her to share! That we get to be a part of a church and community that value our children as people in progress as well!

May God continue to call out each of my children, affirming over and over in their hearts that they are purposed, called, and sent as individuals with special gifts, talents, and vessels of His goodness. That we six are the missionaries that God has chosen for such a time and place as this.


6 thoughts on “Are You Taking the Kids?

  1. Marcy, good morning. I agree! The whole family is the team that’s hand picked. What a wonderful opportunity to serve together.
    I do have a couple of questions…does Germany allow home schooling? and how long was the process from BFA to agree to bring your family over to serve? Thanks!

    • Hello Jeremy! 🙂 From what I understand, Germany does NOT allow homeschooling. They are one of the countries that restricts homeschooling for the purpose of indoctrinating children (tied to the Nazi regime- one of the quirky laws that didn’t fall with communism). HOWEVER, I don’t know what that means for a non-German living IN Germany. Something I can ask about! The process with BFA can be as fast or slow as God wants it! 🙂 When we first expressed interest, BFA wanted us in Germany within 6 months. We believe God can move that quickly… but Jeremy was finishing his Masters (graduates this June!) so we took 1 1/2 years. That actual application process, though, spanned a couple of months. I’m sure it could be sped up if needed. Are you thinking of coming????

      • Thanks Marcy for your reponse! Yes we are thinking of coming. I have heard of BFA when I was out in Landstuhl in 2010 and following your blog. What a wonderful place to serve! Anyway, my wife and I have been talking about serving in the field and I noticed that BFA was currently looking for graphics/communications individuals as well as dorm parents. So, we are praying and praying in regards to see if God will lead our family there. I know my heart is there and for the people of Europe. I am filling out the profile this weekend and going from there. The one thing, is that I haven’t really looked into the process of enrollment for our children at BFA since we homeschool.
        Thanks again for sharing.

      • That is so exciting! Well we are still on our way (as you can see) but we’ve already been surrounded by such an incredible community of believers as they pray for us and reach out to us in our journeying there 🙂 It doesn’t hurt to “knock on the door” and see where it takes you! God will close (or open) the door as you seek Him! We’ll be praying for your discernment… and selfishly that you’ll join us! 🙂

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