Pleasant Inns on the Way Home

Our Father refreshes us along the journey of life with some pleasant inns, but He will not encourage us to mistake them for home.

-C.S. Lewis

Oh, how the priorities of life change when we truly take to heart that life is filled with “inns” along the path to our home. Indeed!

God has blessed us with many of these “inns” along our journey. He has truly done “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…” in His provision (Ephesians 3:20).

Last June, Jeremy wisely suggested that we consider renting out our own house in order to downsize… and find a place to rent in the meantime. It was very practical. My response? “Why in the world would I live in Fresno and not live in my own house?” I mean… right? But as is my custom, I allowed his wisdom to sink and settle while I mulled over it.

He was right. I even told him so.

Before we could hop on Craigslist and begin researching homes to rent… the phone rang. It was an educational mentor (and friend) of Jeremy’s.

“I have a house that my wife and I rent to missionaries who are fundraising in order to help them save money. It’s fully furnished. I believe God is asking me to offer to you. Interested?”

Really? REALLY??? God is sooooo good. He is so patient to wait for my heartbeat to thump along and join His.

The Diana House

Now here we are. We are living in this blessed Inn- a gift from friends and God’s hand. God’s grace has allowed us to sell nearly everything we own and move in to a “Pleasant Inn” along the way.

There has been another buried treasure in this mix. Jeremy and I both have realized that we can love more than one home at the same time! 🙂 This place is beyond perfect for us in this season. But the gifts go on…

The house we own was on the rental market for two days! That’s right. Two. We are honored to entrust God’s gift of that home to another godly family. What a blessing to know that as He provides for us, that He is also using us to provide for others. AH!

And it doesn’t end here. God has already provided our next “Inn.” It’s a “pleasant” home nestled in the Black Forest in Kandern, Germany. That’s a future post.

How about you? Do you ever mistake the “inns” of life as your home?


One thought on “Pleasant Inns on the Way Home

  1. Love your analogy! I need to consider the stops at “inns” or resting spots. As someone who gets attached to homes, I’ve been working through this one with God for years. Funny, we are moving back to Haiti in May! I’ve learned that I always have permission to take the memories with me…

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