Wildfire or Spark?

On March 15, I wrote a commitment in my journal to begin making ten follow-up phone calls a day. This had been something I have been avoiding, hoping that Jeremy would get to it. Ya know, in his “free” time. Alas, God was gentle with my reluctant heart and I realized that I needed to commit to these calls.

That same day, part way through my calls, I received this message in an email:

Generally, we strongly recommend that our candidates are at least 50% of their support level before making a housing commitment, so that may be a good goal to shoot for if you’re not there yet. (emphasis mine)


Nope, not there yet. In fact, on March 15th we were at 8% of our monthly funding raised.

This was a moment of truth. Would I allow the news to devastate me? Would I let this news to become a wildfire that would derail all of my hopes for the future? 42% is a lot to raise! Not to mention 92% to be fully funded.

By God’s grace, I heard His affirming voice. A smile. “Isn’t it great that you committed to ten calls a day? Good thing I know what you need before you do.”

Yes, that spark ignited the drive that I… that we needed to face the part of this fundraising-thing that we’ve been putting off. (By the way, finding immense blessing in the things you dread will be our next post 🙂 )

Today, only five days later, we have reached 17%. We’ve jumped 9% in only 5 days! This has come through keeping to our commitment of making ten calls a day.

Praise the Lord that He knows the way in which He will provide!

We only need 33% more to reach our goal of 50% so we can make a commitment to the beautiful home we have been offered!

We know God is going to help us reach this goal. And not just this one, but our goal of 100% by June.

Will you consider becoming one of our Support Heroes? Will you be a part of God’s provision? Part of His miracle in this journey of ours? If so, you can download the Pusey full page pledge.

*Update- TeachBeyond has given us a provision and allowed us to accept the home offered to us in Germany even though we aren’t quite at 50% funded. This is because God has blessed our start-up fund abundantly and we are able to secure rent in Germany, should we be delayed, with this abundance. We continue to aim for 50% (and 100%) to arrive on time!


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