BFA’s Reach to the Unreached

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This is a guest post by a friend who lived and taught at a school for two years in a restricted nation in the Middle East. She found herself, a single woman, immensely encouraged when the children of co-workers returned from BFA to visit their families. The children were found to be thriving… and pleaded to go back to BFA to be with their friends. Knowing that the children were loved and well cared for freed the parents to serve completely. That freedom spread to the other staff, including our friend. BFA reaches the unreached through stories like this.

She shares:

“I am so excited for your family and the adventure God is leading you on. Several families I met while teaching abroad have kids that are students at Black Forest. From what I’ve been told, their kids have loved it! : ) Black Forest is a blessing to their families. Also, a friend of mine used to work there, and I know she had a great experience.

I am also really excited for your kids! One of the things I really enjoyed seeing while I was abroad is how God uses whole famileis together for His work. I am excited for the way God is going to use your kids, as well as for the ways He is going to teach them and stretch them. It was so fun to see how God used growing up abroad to teach my friends’ kids beautiful lessons about God’s love for the nations and to mature them in their walks with Him. What a sweet (even if at times difficult) blessing for your children!

I am so glad your kids are going with you, and not only coming. : )

With love,


What a blessing to know that we get to be a part of this by going… and you by sending us!


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