Then Get Ready

Yard sales.

On the left, on the right.

It was Saturday so this was no surprise.

Even though we are leaving soon, and I have no intentions of buying anything… I still glance as I pass by.

A yard sale with luggage. I’ve seen those too and keep driving.

“Go Back.”

Hmmm. Sounded like God… in the quiet yet firm way that He sometimes speaks.

I make a u-turn.


Is He having me go back just for luggage? I doubt it. All the same, I keep my eyes wide and my ears open.

Our $3 investment 🙂

The piece of luggage is decent. It’s an excellent price. $3

“You want luggage? You must be going on a trip!” sings Lisa, the delightful Russian woman selling the luggage. I explain our upcoming move to her. “Aha!” she exclaims, “my husband is full German!”

Is this it?

She continues to tell me that she has taught Russian at Fresno Pacific University for a number of years. Her daughter is FPU alumni and singing with the San Francisco Opera.

I walk away with my “new” rolling luggage slowly. Waiting for the moment that seems to hang in the air.

I get in the car.

I begin to drive away. Did I miss it? Am I a total dork?

“You don’t believe me,” comes His loving voice again.

“I DO!!! I do believe You!” my spirit cries out… desperate.

“Then you better get ready.”

I glance at the luggage in my back seat.


Do I believe Him? Do I believe that the funds will reach our account before we move into our new house in Kandern in June? Before our staff meetings begin in August? Before school starts in September?

At 27% of our monthly funds raised, do I believe? Do I believe Him enough to start packing?

I do believe until I look a numbers and dates. Then my unbelief begins to creep in, wrapping it’s claws around the frame of my faith. “I do believe, Lord! Help me with my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

Today I choose to believe. We will be in Germany by June 25th… and not because God needs to get us there for any reason He can’t work out if He gets us there later… but because we are all about to witness a massive miracle.

So you better get ready… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Then Get Ready

    • Thank you for reading this, Marlene! Always a joy to know people read the newsletter or the blog!!! You are precious to us as well! Praying for Rick’s trip!

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