Huckleberry’s Restaurant Fundraiser Awesomeness

On May 4, 2012 we had a fundraiser at Huckleberrys and it was AMAZING! The owners (the Ruiz family) attend The Bridge Church with us. In their extreme generosity, they opened up their restaurant to help raise money for our move to the Black Forest Academy.

One of the unique aspects of this event was that Huckleberry’s is not open for dinner. That gave us the whole place to ourselves and our fundraiser! Our community poured out their blessing and generosity while enjoying a fantastic meal!

Each meal included a choice of chicken or steak, soup or salad, cheese bread, mashed potatoes, a vegetable, a refillable drink, and dessert. All for $15!!! It was a steal of a deal! There was so much food on a plate that families were able to split plates among themselves (which blessed us- being a large family ourselves, we understand how expensive it can be to attend a fundraiser with a meal-per-person ticket cost!) This was an easy fundraiser also because Huckleberry’s makes the yummiest food. MMmmmmmmm.

We had very self-less friends give of their time and energy as servers, dish washers, and hosts. Our oldest two children, Matt and Liz, served drinks and bussed tables. They were AMAZING! The Gilmores took care of our little two… all of which made it possible for us to visit each table… give a quick quiz, and shower our guests with German Chocolates or gummy worms. 🙂

Now for what you are all wondering… was all of this worth it? Was this time well spent when we are trying to raise monthly support?

$10 of every ticket was donated to our ministry by Huckleberry’s. To sum that up- they only got $5 per plate and offered all of that food! (Whenever you want to enjoy a meal out, go to Huckleberry’s!) We also sold vouchers for $10… receiving $5 for our ministry. We sold around 160 tickets and about 65 vouchers! Guests coming in that night were also generous in their tips… giving us a grand total of…

$2247.74 in one time funds raised and $247/month in new monthly commitments! That’s 3% raised in one night!!! The evening left us with an increase of 3% to our sustained monthly support, and our two-year support up by 4%!!!

Indeed, this event was not only well worth our efforts and time, but such a blast!

Here are some photos from our evening (sorry there aren’t more, we were BI-ZEE!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Support Huckleberry’s! 🙂


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