Many Hands Make Light Work

Many Hands Make Light Work

John Heywood, a 16th century English writer, must have known a missionary or two when he penned the phrase,

Many hands make light work.

Indeed, this journey of ours would be impossible without the many hands of our friends, family, and the communities around us. In fact, our support DOUBLED in one month because of the willingness of many more hands to help carry this ministry to missionaries, their children, and their ministries around the world.

As you can see, we still need many more hands to complete the job! Can we double our support again in one month?

 The Many Hands, Light Work Campaign:

What if 600 hands (300 people 🙂 ) came together with us each month to join in the ministry of Many Hands making Light Work? What if these friends donated $10/month? That’s only $2.50 each week (light work!) We are at 50% right now for our needed monthly support for the first two years. Our countdown is ON! We are hoping to leave next month and with your help we can make that happen.

There are two ways you can invest in the Many Hands, Light Work Campaign.

1.  Make a $10/month commitment. You may also make $20/month, $30/month, or any monthly commitment of your choice if you’d like to lighten the work quickly! Every increment of $10 in monthly support will move our ticker down to the goal!  Download this form and mail it in to become one of our Many Hands, Light Work Campaign Heroes! You can also make your commitment online, however, please take into account the 2.2% + 0.35 that paypal will deduct as feeMake an online commitment here.

2.  Give a special $240 donation. $10/month for two years is $240. Or make a donation of any size! TeachBeyond will divide your special donation by 24 months and give it to us in a monthly disbursement. Every increment of $240/2 years will move our ticker closer to the goal! Download this form and mail it in to become one of our Many Hands, Light Work Campaign heroes! You can also make your special donation here, however, please take into account the 2.2% + 0.35$ that paypal will deduct as feeMake an online donation here.

Click HERE to check in with our progress!

Together, with many hands, we can not only lighten the load, but BE a light to the world!

Thank you, eternally, for the 67 of you who have made the work lighter with monthly commitments! Thank you also to the 47 of you who have given special financial gifts, thus making our load a little lighter. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us! You’ve lightened our load! Thanks to those of you who attended our Huckleberry’s fundraiser, have watched our children, hosted events, advocated for us in a variety of settings… our work is lighter because of your generosity! THANK YOU!


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