Well, here we are! On the road, day two, of our cross-country adventure. We really have no idea where it will take us… only that we will end up back in Fresno on July 27 to return our rental vehicle. 

We are leaving Oakland today and heading to Grants Pass, OR to share with a very special church. So exciting!

Our take off from home was… insane. Fortunately we spent the evening before our launch with friends, encouragement, and prayer. Because the next morning was crazy. We totally underestimated the level of work we had left with packing and cleaning… and ended up leaving NOT fully packed in the garage. NOT the plan… but alas, it was what we had. Packing party when we get home! Or garage sale… one of the two.

Please pray for favor as we “live the serendipitous moments of God’s divine intentions” (as my Twitter bio states). Yes, our new mantra. Who knew my little bio would end up so prophetic? Or perhaps in its ways, it was true even when I wrote it. 

Thank you for ALL of the support! Stay posted! We will add photos as we are able. 🙂 


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