Our Silent Auction

The Silent Auction

The Silent auction / Dessert auction on June 22nd was so much fun!

The time flew by and it was over before we knew it.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to thank EVERYONE who helped…. Steve Bradley, Bergann and Carlos Hernandez, Stacey and Forest Benedict, the BAND- Richie, Dave, Chris, Cisco, and Ben… all of the donors… the individuals and the businesses. We could not have pulled this off without all of you. THANK YOU!

That being said, the grand (and still running) total for this event was $4800.00. Money is still coming in because people are still paying for items (which we don’t count until it’s in pocket) AND because things are still selling! We had such an abundance of items that we came back and ran an online auction… bringing in another $100. Thank you!!!

We took some time out of the event for Jeremy to share a piece of his “testimony” as it relates to this journey of “risky faith.” He

shared about how he had been living the All-American-Risk-Free-Faith-Guarantee… the one that says, “sure God, yes! As long as I can see the next couple of steps, the final outcome, and have a pain-free experience.” God’s intervention brought about an open heart, an open door, and now an adventure for our whole community. It has not been pain-free. It has not been risk-free. We have sold it all. ALL. We’ve given our beloved Daisy to a new home. We have burned the ships… perhaps while we were still on them! And now we are SWIMMING!

We also had a “surprise” appearance from Rob and Carrie Carey! What a blessing! These are the missionaries who have been service at BFA for 14 years! They have just returned indefinitely… and Jeremy will be replacing Rob in his fifth grade classroom. Rob graciously shared with our attendees as well… the cause that BFA supports, the ministry, and encouragement for us as we head out. They have given their endorsement of us at BFA and hear the other staff (and students) anxiously anticipate our arrival (as do we 🙂 ) It was so lovely to have the Careys among us!

Least but not last, we had live music. This was such a joy for Marcy in particular. The band members were all talented individuals  with whom Marcy has been able to serve alongside in various capacities over the last 7 years of worship arts ministry at the Bridge. Richie has been an incredible servant-leader and mentor in ushering the heart of God through music… for the heart of being a lead worshiper on the front lines of spiritual battle! As time permitted, Marcy was able to jump up and join the live music throughout the evening. We hope the music was a blessing to everyone and especially to Jesus as we strive to keep our “Vertical View” on Him… and not the process of getting to Germany.

Thanks again to everyone for their support! This was a joy-filled, fun night when it could have been overwhelmingly stressful. We love to watch as God’s people come together, using their gifts to fill voids and weak spots… accomplishing things individuals, no matter how talented, could never accomplish on their own. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that!


2 thoughts on “Our Silent Auction

  1. Another $425.00 in sold merchandise: the elliptical trainer, the crystal bowl, the 7-bowl carnival glass set, the pink dish set, and several little things! Yee-hah! -steve

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