On the Road Again!

Well, here we are in Vancouver, with many great memories already “under our belt.”

We began in Oakland and had a great (albeit short) visit with Jeremy’s cousin, Cresa, and sister, Zelda.

We then headed up to Grants Pass where we were hosted by cousins of a dear friend of mine and their church, Iglesia Apostolica Misionera. Jeremy had his first and second opportunities preaching (surprise!) They also found out that I played guitar and sing… and *surprise!* I co-led worship during their Saturday evening service and played a “special” number during their Sunday morning service. I played my spanish favorite, “Eres mi Respirar” (This is the Air I Breathe). 

At the conclusion of our time there, the pastors encouraged the church to commit to supporting us monthly. Because of their prayers and God’s movement, this small church plant to spanish-speaking Oregonians added 2% to our monthly funding! Praise the Lord! This congregation holds a very special place in our hearts.

From Grants Pass we headed to Seattle, where the MB Church of Seattle opened their doors for our sleepy heads. We snoozed the night away on the floor o their children’s sunday school room (complete with shower!) Speaking with the pastor, we came to realize how many connections we had with their church! Pastor Weldon is the brother of a friend of ours in Fresno!

Bug-hunting in Vancouver with our dear friends, Dan and Caryn

After enjoying a bit of Seattle, we headed up to Vancouver to spend time with our fantastic friends from my days in Israel. The kids enjoyed time bug-hunting in the moist Canadian soil and rain.

Today we head to Abbotsford, British Columbia (and have yet to find where we will be sleeping) and will head to Yellowstone a day at a time from there. Please continue to pray for our fundraising efforts and family dynamics to stay great!


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