The Remedy

Stinging Nettle. It’s everywhere. Well, at least everywhere fun.

Like the woods… where you want to explore.

Or near really cool fields harboring unique bugs. Guess who’s been stung the most so far? Yes, my dear hunter-of-all-things-creepy-crawly: Corban.

It really does sting. Or so I hear. Literally… you hear it when someone is stung. In fact, I think ALL of Kandern heard the first time Corban was stung. He was reaching to investigate something neat in the tall grass… and his leg brushed some nettle. I was told his scream was THE scream. The scream of all children stung. A familiar sound. Same pitch.

We’ve seen stinging nettle poking it’s head through all sorts of beautiful greenery… on bike and scooter rides, along trails, bordering back yards… in our OWN backyard. And you can pull it out… only to watch is spring back with a vengeance.

There are some good remedies… alcohol wipes or a baking soda paste (which, by the way, is very difficult to find here).

But then I learned something very… God-like. At least in the ways that I’ve come to know my Healer.

Jewelweed… a beautiful little plant. God’s answer to the sting of nettle. Placed, ever so tenderly by His loving design, in the vicinity of it’s stinging counterpart. Most people miss it. I’ve missed it. How often, already, have I cradled a child crying over the sting… with no baking soda or alcohol wipe in sight… hopeless and option-less to help them… not realizing that within feet was God’s answer.

The remedy.

You have to know what you’re looking for. You have to be willing to try something a bit unconventional. You have to trust the wisdom of God’s design and His provision of it.

And yet, how like Him.

To allow pain. To allow the sting, the tears, the need.

The need for healing. The need for comfort. The need for relief.

And then places it’s remedy within our reach. Visible for those with eyes to see it. Known by those with ears to have heard of it. Trusted by those who’ve taken hold of it and tasted goodness overwhelm pain.

Oh Lord! How often I’ve despaired of the sting, the pain, the tears that ensued! Hopeless and option-less… waiting enduringly for some pain-killer to take it’s affect and mask the need… not healed, but numbed.

All the while, there He is.

Standing within my reach.

Able. Willing. Ready.

To be the Salve my spirit and soul sing for.

How could I have known without having seen Him? Or heard of Him? I’d be lost to my own failing devices.

Yet, in God’s goodness… I heard and saw.

And experienced.

How many will I… will we, cradle in the agonies of this world, stung by the nettles of life… with our precious Jewelweed waiting in the shadows to heal, restore, and relieve.


I would never have appreciated the Jewelweed without the sting of the nettle.

Whatever nettle has found its way onto your path… with unexpected stings grazing your heart… may you reach for our precious Remedy, our Jewelweed, as your healing salve and relief from all that aches.

…for I am the Lord [Jehova Rapha), your healer.

Exodus 15:26




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