Auggen Flohmärkte and Parade

Auggen waiting for the parade to begin

We had a great opportunity for some German culture experience this past Saturday. We were invited to go with some of our new friends to a neighboring village, Auggen, for a festival… which included a parade, a flohmärkte (flea market) and mini-carnival. It was so much fun!

Five families attended together. It took three of those families to get all six of us over in their vehicles (since we don’t have one yet). We lined the street and waited. Soon enough, the beat of drums sounded up the road. Louder and louder and louder. Until at last (to the thrill of all the children) a marching band came into view… and what fun that was! The parade consisted of locals in traditional German costume from various eras in German history. Many of the paraders handed out bread, candies, grapes, apples… even wheat! It felt like a celebration of God’s great provision and harvest. Local farmers shared their crops from the floats of their parade… with lots of excitement and thrill!

Once the parade ended, we made our way to the flohmärkte. This was aisles and aisles of people selling used and antique items. It’s fun to see how different flea markets here are… such different items! One of these days I’ll be brave enough to take a picture of some of the treasures to be found. Sometimes we find a good deal… but mostly (at least at this one) were lots of overpriced items. Oh well!

There was also a mini carnival with traditional foods for sale and bunny rabbits to pet! Matt tried talking us in to bringing one home. HA! I think some of them end up in the market… as food.

We wouldn’t be able to attend events like these if we weren’t extended such generosity with their vehicles! It literally took three vehicles to get all of us there. But what a joy it was!

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p.s. We are still taking contributions toward a vehicle. We are only 4% away from reaching our next goal of 90%!!! Monthly support is the best way to help… as a little each month adds up to a lot each year. Or, if you simply would like to make a donation… it all helps. We appreciate everyone so much for the love, prayers, and encouragement we are receiving over here. We love you all!

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