Moms In Prayer

I’ve heard about Moms in Prayer (fka Moms in Touch) for a long time. But I’ve never gone.

A week or so ago, as I was really grappling with which Bible Study to join… and why I didn’t feel a particular nudging toward either one… Moms in Prayer came up again.

A soft stirring.

I tucked it away as something God may be directing me toward.

But alas, the day arrived in which I would either go or not go to the Moms in Prayer meeting. As I opened my groggy eyes and reflected on what I hoped for my day… some cleaning, organizing, cooking… quiet… I decided not to go.

Then came my husband and one of my children. This child wanted to wear shorts that were clearly too short to wear to school (or anywhere… how did we come to acquire these?). With shoulders high and arms tight, this child tried to prove that they were appropriate. *sigh* Thus ensued some parental interventions… mostly, “take those off, hand them over, and change please.”

Moms in Prayer came to mind.

My children needed some prayer!

So, for the soul-purpose of falling to my knees on behalf of my children, especially this one, I dragged myself across town to the meeting. I arrived late (due to my lack of a vehicle) and sat among a room of faces I did not know (save one).

It didn’t take long for me to see that these women were PRAYING WARRIORS. Their prayers were hardly their own and verse after verse flowed out and over us all… God’s words in the form of prayer. His own promises as our response.

This is where I was supposed to be.

Which also happened to be in three different groups at once. As the women broke into Elementary, Middle School and High School groups… I realized how many places I couldn’t be. (Plus the kindergarten). I joined the Elementary school group as it was the smallest (but on the condition that I could still pray for my Middle Schoolers).

My heart smiled. Deeply.

Each group had a card for every single student at that school. And a card for every single staff person (along with their requests)… and did those women ever pray! Over specific names, people, places, events coming up… Jeremy has been covered in prayer by these women as the 5th grade teacher at the elementary school. If hearts could cry as well as smile, then mine was doing both. How we’d been lifted by these women (and so many others) and not even known it. How my own children’s names are on those cards and being covered… when I forget or get caught up in my own selfishness… they haven’t… someone is praying for my child.

And now I’m one of them.

I prayed over the blessed and precious children of Black Forest Academy and CSK. And their staff. And my own children.

In the corridors of Heaven’s halls… on knees, our community lifted up.

It was during this time of celebrating God’s strength, His promises, and our prayers over all that an idea popped into my mind.

An affirmation chain.

An idea I’d never seen done… placed within me at the moment I needed some of God’s own parental intervention.

I went home and spent half an hour cutting slits of paper, gluing them in chains, and writing affirmations on each one for Matthew and for Liz. A chain of many of the things I love about them. Words they don’t hear often enough.

Many of our weekdays are often filled with “business” talk… things that need to get done that weren’t… or got done that shouldn’t have been. Not the tender language of love that I want for my family. Then the shame and guilt follow me… of all the things I’m not as a mommy.

And here, in such a simple act, I was able to speak love and kindness over my children in half an hour, when they weren’t even here. And they have been able to read it over and over and over. And because it’s a chain, I can add to it whenever a thought of love or praise enters me for them.

Thank you, Jesus, for being my ever-present help in times of trouble! For being more than enough for me and for my family!

The child who led me to Moms in Prayer that morning was cold to my gift. It was set aside and saved for another day of reading.

This led us to realize a deeper heart issue was in motion.

Which led her to our room and our bed… where we poured out hearts and minds, feelings and beliefs, lies and truths… as we helped this child weed through the deception that had rooted in the heart and spread like a cancer through the entire body. My child left our room free of the lies that had moments before entangled and choked.

A painful morning led me to pray… which led me to witness the unfolding of prayer’s answered. Children and parents set free.

And my heart smiled again.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

James 5:16


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