Drumroll Please…

FIVE years ago, Jeremy and I left a vision casting retreat… upside-down.

Well, I was anyway.

And only figuratively.

Anyway… God began to reform my identity in Him… and called us to a season of waiting, getting rooted, and building community. In that time, He also began growing in me a deep desire to go to missionaries wherever they are serving… and provide counseling to them individually, within teams, families, whatever.

Black Forest Academy had originally asked me to come as a Counselor for staff and students. But will all the staff turn-around, the request fell through the cracks.

Which, I’ve decided, was God’s intention all along.

Through a really exciting (albeit cryptic) turn of events… TeachBeyond has asked me to join their Member Care team in Kandern as Counselor.


This is a clip from the announcement that recently went out to all of the local missionaries serving with TeachBeyond. We are so excited to see what God has in store with this ministry.

So what does that mean for now?

More waiting.

And planning.

I get to work with TeachBeyond on creating a job description… and continue prioritizing my family in their transition and general needs.

TeachBeyond also announced (to all TeachBeyond members around the world) the release of my book!


We will keep you posted on the Counseling position as we learn more… but wanted to give you a glimpse into how COOL God is! That He would use our season of waiting to shape in my heart the very role He had prepared for me five years later.

Be encouraged if you are in your own season of waiting! It’s all preparation for something…


One thought on “Drumroll Please…

  1. So excited for you! I to find myself in a support role for my family. It’s a humbling place, but a good place. I’m glad God gave you this opportunity!

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