German Kindergarten Thanksgiving

This was one of the coolest days here yet.

I, Marcy, had the opportunity to join six other German mothers and five other English mothers in a never-before held Thanksgiving lunch at the German Kindergarten.

My dear friend… German but well acquainted with American culture, came up with this venture as a way of joining two cultures she loves… but often have a hard time bridging the gap on their own. Or, finding ways to bridge the language and culture gaps except by lots of personal motivation or neat ideas like this one.

She had a sign up sheet in the Kindergarten asking any mothers of attending children to sign up for a time of cooking with one another and our children.

I signed up.

What started out as a simple morning cooking with each other and our children… turned into a school-wide event… cooking for all 80 kindergarteners and their teachers.

Then we added getting to share in each class about what Thanksgiving means to Germans and to Americans.

So the day began at 9am… With about eighteen children, eleven moms, and five dishes to prepare. We made potato soup (German), sausages (German), pumpkin pie muffins (American), turkey sandwiches (American with a German twist 🙂 ) and pancakes (German and American). A German mother and English mother worked together at each of the five stations.

It was so much fun! I discovered such kindness and generosity beneath the faces I’ve become so familiar with… seeing their faces five days a week, dropping off and picking up kids.

Now I know names.

And I know that we can communicate… between the English they know, the German I’m learning, and lots of sign language and laughter in between.

They aren’t scary.

And neither am I.

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Even the teachers raved about how much they enjoyed the food, the collaboration, and watching their students try things they’ve never tried before.

Not to mention… they saw their own mommies step over the lines of division… come together to work for a common goal of giving and serving our school… and love it all the while. Hopefully we gave them continued permission to do the same thing among themselves.

And the food was YUMMY!!!!

It was also encouraging to see how quickly my community of English mommy friends stepped up to participate in this event… because it couldn’t have happened if we all weren’t willing to give it a try. I’m so blessed to be among women who want to reach into the hearts of Germans, get to know them, love them, serve them… live among them.

Corban and Hannah have been trying to work out in their little minds the differences between “the Germans” and themselves. Today, one of the German mommies drove my large pot of potatoes to the Kindergarten for me… after she saw my full arms and two kids in tow. I commented to the kids how kind she was to see me and relieve me of the large pot! They both decided, in that moment, that Germans were very kind and we should be kind to them as well. It made my heart happy to see them stepping over the lines they’ve hesitated upon.

May God continue this good work of friendship among our neighbors and fellow mommies of kindergarteners!


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