It’s official! God has provided one of our greatest material needs since arriving in Germany… a set of wheels! Well, not just the wheels, but the engine, the battery, the doors… the whole of a vehicle!

Our "new" van!

Our “new” van!

This van has been for sale in our community for a little while… but was priced beyond our budget. We continued to wait on God and pray for His perfect timing and the discernment to recognize it.

The price dropped on this van and we began to re-look at it. At the same time, a supporter approached us and asked what it would take to get us to 90% funded of our general budget- which included the cost of maintaining a vehicle. That same day, this supporter committed to a monthly support total that crossed us into 90% funded! This, of course, was compacted by the many others of you who helped us reach the first 89%! THANK YOU!

After much discussion, prayer, and advice from others in the community, we dipped into our home-furnishing funds (that we will need this summer when we move into an un-furnished place) and bought the van!

One of the best moments was when we told our small group. One friend cheered and said, “Oh! We’ve been praying for you to get a vehicle… and at the same time, the owners of your van had called and asked us to pray that their van would sell. A two-for-one!”

Indeed, the family who sold us their van has already returned to the States after many years in Kandern. They’ve been trying to sell their van long distance. What a joy to know that not only has God met our need (just in time for all the snow and rain!) but also the needs of this dear family who He has now called to a different ministry State-side. We love watching God weave together the many threads of His tapestry to reveal beautiful scenes of His tender mercy and love.

So here we are! Thank you for praying for us, for supporting us, for special funds to purchase our vehicle! We LOVE being able to get around! Jeremy has been able to drive to and from work on snowy/rainy days. I (Marcy) have been able to help out in his classroom. We were able to get ourselves to the local larger city to attain certain legal documents. We are able to pick up people from the airport who need a ride home… this vehicle not only meets a genuine need of transportation in severe weather… but expands our ministry! SO thank you!

We hope to replenish our home-furnishing fund by this summer. We are slowly purchasing things as they come up for sale within our community. We already have beds for each of our children for our move this summer. We hope to need little by the time the move actually happens. Nonetheless… please don’t stop giving! Our ultimate goal is still 100% of our general budget… and we are so close! Moving up all the time. We are so grateful for a God who works tirelessly on our behalves… and for those who respond to his prodding for prayer and sacrifice of finances. We are so grateful!

To join our monthly Support Heroes team or make a special gift, you can visit our support page where you can download the form to mail in or contribute through paypal (for a small fee).



2 thoughts on “Wheels!

  1. I was just talking this week with our mutual friend – a former BFAer – about the fact that you still didn’t have a car and winter snows were fast approaching. God’s never early, He’s never late – His timing is just right! It doesn’t always line up with OUR timing – but He’s God, after all, so we can trust that His timing is perfect! So excited for you guys!

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