Matt & Liz in Kid Stuf

Matt w/ his Kid Stuff comrades!

Matt w/ his Kid Stuf comrades!

Matt and Liz have both joined a ministry at our local church, Black Forest Christian Fellowship, to serve the younger kids in their Sunday School program, Kid Stuf.

From Matt and Liz themselves:

Matt: Kid Stuf is a program where Mrs. Riffe got this idea from her home church to make this Kid Stuf. There is a lesson every month.

Liz: This month’s lesson is about peace. Our last one was determination… deciding it’s worth it to finish what you started.

Matt: Each and every week there are two groups who act out a play…

Liz: And so one of the plays is a normal everyday thing, situations that kids would go through. One of them is a story telling one… where you dress up like the people you are learning about in that story time and they come out and tell the story. The other play is a person who comes out and tells a story… maybe some people come out and intervene dressed as people from the Bible… and they act out what is being told in the story.

Matt: I am the main character, Gordo. But this week I’m Sam. Mrs. Riffe says I’m more of a peace-maker so that’s the part I usually play in the plays.

The "Credible Host" and a member from the other Kid Stuff Team (there are 2 teams who rotate)

The “Credible Host” and a member from the other Kid Stuf Team (there are 2 teams who rotate)

Liz: I am the Credible Host. I start out the show and welcome the kids to Kid Stuf. My partner is the Comic Host and he walks out. Together we do a funny thing on the virtue. Then Matthew’s group goes. Then the storyteller goes. If we have extra time we watch videos on the virtue we are studying.

Matt: My favorite part about being in Kid Stuf is being a part of the community of BFA middle schoolers, coming together and doing something for the kids and teaching the kids a lesson. So this week’s lesson is about making peace. I’m the peace-maker. So there’s a mom and child aren’t communicating very well… and I’m supposed to come in and make peace with them. They have to work together to get stuff finished because they are arguing over what to give away to good will.

Liz: One of my favorite things about being in Kid Stuf are the weekly practices. I like to find which tone of voice or expression should be on your face during the skit. It’s also fun to get up there on Sunday morning… how the kids welcome you, and how you act out things so that kids can understand God’s word more. Because, first of all, I’m sure most of them can’t read and second of all, they probably think it’s boring. So I like acting it out in front of them so they can know more.

Matt in action!

Matt in action!

Matt: The kids we are teaching are first grade through fifth grade.

Liz: When they announced this at school, I really wanted to do it but other people in Student Leadership Services wanted to be in Kid Stuf and attend the info meeting… so I had to sub at the Canteen and miss the meeting. So then a week went by and when Mrs. Riffe came to the school one day to talk to her volunteers, she saw me and a couple of friends asked if we wanted to be in Kid Stuf and why we hadn’t signed up. So I explained all of this to her. She said I could be a body-guard. And I said that I was fine with that. Another sixth grade girl had the “Credible Host” part but she thought it was too much for her and she came up that day and told Mrs. Riffe that it was too much. So Mrs. Riffe appointed me to the job. Then I started to practice the skit. We had lots of meetings together. I guess in the beginning… I just thought I couldn’t do it because I missed the meeting and left it at that. But as I got involved I realized that I was teaching kids something about God and it’s in a fun way… a way that they enjoy and that I can enjoy too… and still be learning about God.

Matt: When Dad came into Kid Stuf and started taking pictures, I felt like I was supported. In the beginning I felt like being in

Liz about to get a pie in her face!

Liz about to get a pie in her face!

Kid Stuf was just a “little” thing, but as we are doing more of the plays, I am feeling like these are things that are teaching the kids good lessons. I’ve heard kids come up to me and be like, “I’m going to be determined to do this… or do that… and it’s kind of cool to know that the kids are learning something from the lessons we are teaching. This is actually a big deal. Having dad there made me feel like this is a big thing and… having Dad say, ‘You did a good job and I’m proud of you for being in a play,” even though I felt really nervous about it… I felt that people were there rooting me on.”

Here are a couple of fun videos with Matt and Liz in action. Enjoy!


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