Krank im Deutschland

Our new best friends... tissue packages

Our new best friends… tissue packages

See these little fellas?

Yep, tissue packages.

We’ve gone through about 50 of them over this last week.

Granted, Corban can only touch a tissue to his nose ONE time before it’s “too dirty” to use again… whereas I (Marcy) can get a good three nose-blows of use out of one tissue before grabbing another.

From the onset of this cold, I’ve been telling myself, “I’m getting over it.”

And I thought it was true.

The first two days consisted only of complete exhaustion.

Ah, no big deal.

The next two days added a head ache. Ick. But I can still breathe.

Then a day of coughs. Just one.

THEN came my personal need for kleenex. I’m on the third day of nose-blowing madness and hair-pulling stuffiness.

Ich bin krank!

But that’s enough about me.

Corban got it first. He began to cough while he was sleeping. I remembered hearing about rubbing vapor rub on feet and covering with socks… so I tried it and WAH LAH! He was cough-free! It was incredible! On the third night, however, he needed two vapor rub treatments and was still coughing… which is when I remembered something about a cut open onion in a room… so I put on in and… WAH LAH again! He immediately stopped coughing and has been “golden” ever since.

Hannah got the cough mildly… which is unusual for her. She typically gets each cold with the voracity of a person who needs to experience every life moment to its fullest… even sickness. Well, her day… errr, night, came. Last night vapor rub and onions were outmatched by her aggravation over coughing. She was up four to five times coughing… then YELLING at how upset she was that she was still coughing. After prayer, tears, another couple of our tissue friends, a teaspoon of honey, another vapor rub treatment… and a teaspoon of our much hoarded, liquid treasure… children’s ibuprofen (which we have yet to find here), she was able to go back to sleep for a good four hours. She was MUCH better today.

Matt and Liz each had about one day of coughs and icky feelings. They have crazy immunities… living and breathing among carriers of all things germy each day of their lives. There’s some definite benefit to that.

Jeremy even less so (praise the Lord!) He felt tingles here and there… but stayed relatively free of the cold for the most part… God’s mercy since subs are super hard to come by here.

Back to me… It all began last Tuesday during practice for an Intercultural Service at our church… where I would be singing at least one, if not two, songs. By the end of practice (in which they’d given me FOUR songs to sing in)… I had little to no voice.

But I was determined.

This cold-that-I’m-recovering-from would not out-do me! Come cough, snot, or exhaustion… come charlie-horses in the neck, aches in my back and head, or neti-pot malfunction… I would have a voice on Sunday!

And Sunday came… and I survived it. It was an amazing service… filled with at least eleven different languages, spoken through song, scripture readings, and prayer. I helped lead songs in English, Spanish, German, Korean (ha!), and even Sign Language. People came dressed in attire representing their stomping grounds. It was beautiful. It was a glimpse through Heaven’s gates. We’ll do a post on that soon…

Then Sunday night came and my purpose for being well… my main purpose, dwindled.

And I had a pity party. Just a short one. But I let myself feel frustrated that this sickness was still going, in spite of allllll of my best home remedies… and I’ve got some good ones.

And we miss Dr. Matt. He could help cure anything. WE MISS YOU, DR. CURRY!!!!!

It’s Monday. I’m feeling better. Hannah is sleeping, so far without coughing or yelling in agitation.

And I’ve gotten an email that I’m singing next Sunday.


This is the life of living in a land with foreign cold viruses, lots of germ-sharing, and life-lived indoors and out of the cold. We hear that after this first year of acclimating to the local germs, the colds don’t come as often. Here’s hoping! That being said, we’ve only had two of the three+ colds that have passed through the community… and none of the flus. YAY!

So, with purpose renewed, we tread on… hopeful that “this too shall pass” and unhindered (for long) by these snot-demons.

Praying for health and wholeness for all of our loved ones as well, wherever in the world they may be.


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