Kindergarten Blues (or Greens…)

895974_10151859087997571_42084201_oCorban and Hannah are high schoolers today. Again.

Jeremy attempted to take them to Kindergarten on Tuesday… only to find that it was closed.

For the rest of the week.

Apparently Tuesday evening, all of the teachers and half of the students had the stomach flu.

This may be unprecedented… the entire Kindergarten closed to a stomach flu pandemic? Crazy!

So far, Corban and Hannah (and the rest of our family) have been spared but we don’t know of any other students (personally) that haven’t dealt with a night or half day of vomiting. Ah! We are praising God that it hasn’t hit us so far.

BUT, what that means for us… are Kindergarteners turned high schoolers.

Yep, they are attending my (Marcy) Creative Writing class for the duration of the week. While my students are writing, reading, critiquing, creating… my little two are drawing, reading, drawing some more… and playing “house” with the magnets from the white board.

It could be worse.

I’m fortunate to have such lovely little kiddos… who are so flexible and adaptable… and quick to head for high school when it should be Kindergarten.

Please pray for all of the kindergarteners, their families, and the staff. We hear the flu is a fast one… but still. It just plain stinks.

And please pray that we continue to NOT have it. I wish I had a good reason other than I just don’t want it. Just like no one else wanted it. But I’m praying anyway.

Oh, one last thing… I’ve come to believe that Corban has extra acidic saliva… or something that causes speedy breakdown of his teeth. My sister has this condition so it is definitely plausible. We take good care of his teeth and are not a candy/soda family. (Well, I like Pepsi, but they don’t get any 🙂 ) Our super great dentist in Fresno helped us understand that fruit is super sugary and acidic and can also lead to cavities (that may be our culprit). Regardless, he has already had a lot of work done on his teeth (when we had GREAT insurance in Fresno).

I just noticed a cavity in his mouth today. He was checked by a dentist at the Kindergarten a month or so ago and they didn’t see it. They either missed it or it developed THAT fast. Regardless… our semi-crummy insurance here doesn’t cover dental and I have no idea how much an out-of-pocket filling costs… but he needs one. PLEASE, please pray for the right dentist, the right price, and the right  guidance in what to do about our insurance (we are leaning toward pursuing German healthcare instead… which does cover dental). Please, please pray. This has potential to stress me out… the clash of my poor German-language abilities, the need for Corban’s care, the expense of the care, and the memories of that great insurance of our past (which I need to let go).

Thank you for praying!


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