Hanging with Local Artists


The calligraphy that Tim Botts wrote out before our very eyes!

We’ve talked about what a great opportunity Jeremy and I have had with the Art Factory in town. You can read more about that here. Jeremy has attended painting classes every Thursday for quite awhile… engaging with local Germans, local missionaries, and whoever else wants to show up and share this love of art together.

Every other month or so, we attend Dinner and Dialogue- an evening with a meal and a topic for discussion, related to the common love of art… whether it’s dance, painting, music, writing, film-making… doesn’t matter. We come together and discuss topics that influence all of us as artists.

This last Dinner and Dialogue was with Calligraphist Tim Botts. This was such a beautiful event! Tim took a quote (his own from a newspaper article that later struck him as pretty good- we agree) and wrote it out in front of us. While he wrote, he explained to us why he chose certain colors, fonts, or designs.

It’s my way of dancing on the page.

Which led into the next piece of our Dinner and Dialogue… the dancers. There was a group of four girls from a University in the States who were traveling Europe performing their art. It was one of the most unique dancing I’ve ever seen. They danced out the quote in various ways… either making the shapes of the letters, or expressing the design or meaning of a word. Which means, of course, that it was un-planned movement… more in line with what they presently felt the word or color or lines wanted to communicate through their body.

They danced his words… he danced the words.

Though these discussions are held primarily in English, there are people from all around the world who attend. It’s just another place to interact with people we might not otherwise meet. The vision of the Art Factory is one we fully support and are so grateful to join in on!

Speaking of which, this Saturday, Jeremy and other local artists are having an art show… with some of their work displayed, live music, refreshments, and drama vignettes. Here’s the flier (if you’re local and want to come… or if you’re not and want to see it anyway! 🙂 )

June 1 FLIER 2a


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