Black Forest Christian Fellowship Baptisms

959354_10151931424907571_502906087_o I’ve never been good about sitting through a celebration of baptism without tears in my eyes and a choked-up throat.

These last two Sundays have been no different.

Six different members of our church, all of them also students, were baptized publicly. It was so moving to hear their stories… especially as a handful of them “found” Christ on their own, later in life… even though they were being raised by missionaries! It’s not a “new” story, but it’s one that we got to hear first-hand.

Their testimonies of faith ranged from “God protected me from a ‘dramatic’ testimony and I’ve loved and followed him since I was four years-old,” to “I couldn’t see any more reasons for living… but my teacher and my roommate continued to encourage me… and now I get it.” Each story was so deep and meaningful, painful and redemptive, sorrow turned to joy, lost-ness turned to advocating the cross… so powerful.

Equally touching to hear the way every-day people in their lives made life-changing impact… dorm families, roommates, teachers… an encouragement to us, that in whosever life we are walking, to tread carefully and truthfully.

A really special part of the service was that each worship song before the baptism was chosen by the one being baptized. I must say, it was the best service for musical worship ever. Well, at least according to my personal taste. 🙂

As if that weren’t enough, the father’s of those being baptized (baptizee?) often spoke a word of affirmation and either did the baptizing or were right there for it. The mother then wrapped her child in a towel or two, led the family to the podium, and ended with more words of affirmation and prayer. OH sings my soul! To have that kind of love and affirmation within a family must be so uplifting and encouraging. No wonder these kids were making their proclamation! They’d seen much lived out before them… and they had caught what they’d been taught.

Oh, that our own children would choose this public profession of their faith someday, allowing us to speak affirmation over their pasts, presents, and futures! Until then, we pray that we can live out the life that we want them to catch.


2 thoughts on “Black Forest Christian Fellowship Baptisms

  1. It is so good to hear!!! So true, the lives we touch everyday through actions and words can make a difference and it reflects out to the world Christian love and faith.
    I miss all of you very much, and I am sorry I haven’t written earlier, I just saw the comment button. The students ask about all of you often. I tell them that I follow your blog and am so happy that all of you are happy and doing well. We keep your family in our prayers. Last night Destiny and Lore asked about your family, I will pass on the wonderful place you are in now. (At open house).

    • Awww, that’s sweet Mariam! Tell the kids “HI” from us too! And that they should come visit Germany one day. 🙂 Thank you for praying as well… that means a lot.

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