Matt & Liz Serving at the Basel Marathon

575744_10151951921592571_1467558743_nAs we mentioned in an earlier post, one of the ways that Matt and Liz have gotten involved at our local church is through KidStuf. A couple of Sundays ago, they joined their Kidstuf co-leaders, and the kids they lead, and headed to a stop along the Basel Marathon course.

They, and the other children and adults who went along, braved the cold wind in order to serve the many marathon runners. They cheered, handed out water (and snacks?) and in general, made runners feel supported and encouraged.

Standing on the bridge that connects France and Germany, the kids were clearly a pleasure to the runners on a long run, evidenced by the many smiles our cameras captured. 581726_10151951921132571_1190774644_n

Their hope and ambition was to live out the love of Jesus in a practical way… showing up to support a popular event in our nearby Basel community. They practiced putting the needs of others before themselves (i.e. enduring freezing and sometimes-rainy weather for the sake up cheering on tired runners). They let their smiles reflect the smile of their Maker for total strangers. They could’ve stayed in the warmth of their homes or in the comfort of their normal Sunday activities… but they set that aside for the service of others.

What a joy to see the hearts of our children bent toward serving others.

480196_10151951921787571_825694488_n It’s also an honor to be in community with so many great children (and the adults who lead them!) To find activities specifically aimed at training up our kids in the love of others. To see them leading opportunities of setting aside self and putting on the love of Christ, in a practical, but loud (literally), way.

Please join us in praying, continually, for opportunities like this for our children and family. And join us in praising God for the adult leaders who show them the way!


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