A Graduation of Rainshine

sunny-rain The weather in Kandern (Germany?) is the most unpredictable of any place I’ve ever lived.

The day can begin with bright sun, then cloud over, blaze again, drop some snow, some rain, some sleet or hail, and end sunny again.

Or it can do it all at once.

Or none of it at all… which it did for many months of dark, grey, gloom.

But one of my favorites is when, sitting beneath a perfectly sunny day… it begins to rain.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love getting wet… but somehow it’s not so depressing when the sun is still smiling down upon you. Almost like a summer day from my childhood when I’d run through the sprinklers in my back yard.

And then… the rainbow.

We know it’s coming. It’s rainbow-weather… when the rays reflect off the falling rain and shoot the batman-signal of God’s promises across the sky for all to gawk and awe. Sometimes it’s a double rainbow. Once a triple.

Because of the rainshine.

As I sat in the balcony looking down over all of the BFA graduates, their families, their dorm families, their friends, and staff… I couldn’t help but feel a bit of rainshine.


As each individual graduate was recognized publicly for their character traits and value, and a verse was spoken over them, and prayers prayed for them… and the parents beside me wiped their eyes…


The energy was high, the faces were smile-filled, the antics were in full force. There was laughter, celebration, hugs, and many touching moments.

And there were goodbyes, longer hugs, and tears. Even from my strongest students.


I counted the grads and realized that I’d spent some level of “quality” time with about 1/3 of them. That’s quite a bit considering I taught one small class for 3 1/2 months and chaperoned a trip to Spain. But it was enough for my heart to weave its way into the folds of BFA, to tug at my own tears… tears of sadness at seeing many of them go, tears of joy at seeing how beautiful and promising they all are… and tears of hope… that Jesus goes with them, before them, behind them, at their sides, calling out the way in a dark world.

The High School choir singing "Seize the Day" from the Newsies. *swoon*

The High School choir singing “Seize the Day” from the Newsies. *swoon*

The rainbow after the rainshine.

The rainbow of promises that can only come when it rains on a sunny day. The promise that flies like a banner over their heads, claiming them for good and world-changing value and truth-keeping among wolves. The promise that only needs remembering after there’s been some rain.

And today there was some rain.

But also sun.

Congratulations to the BFA class of 2013!

BFA Class of 2013

BFA Class of 2013


photo from my friend Allison Stroud (the amazing choir and drama director) who can be found here: http://allihasablogspot.blogspot.de/


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