Moving to Our New Home!

Whew! Summer hit and our plan to post once or twice a week went OUT THE WINDOW!

But, here we are, attempting to get back on track, because…

We have fun news!

Today we received the keys to our new home.


That’s right, folks!

For the FIRST TIME since February 2011, we get to live in a place that is not furnished by someone else! Mind you, each home we’ve lived in since our own Fresno home has been a supreme blessing. And there’ve been a few. But finally… our time of living unsettled in other people’s spaces has come to a close.


Here we are TODAY standing in front of our NEW home, Waldeckstrasse 14/1(though we don’t actually begin living here until Aug. 1)

We are so excited! Our new sweet German landlord has already been so gracious and kind- and we’ve only heard wonderful things about her from the former tenants (and now friends). We walked through today and showed the kids which rooms would be theres, learned where the 50,000 keys (there seems to be one for every single door in the house) are hanging, and enjoyed the beautiful garden of blossoming fruits… grapes, blue berries, and more.

And we got the key(s).


A man’s home IS his castle when he has a cool “skeleton” key like this!

So the question we get a LOT is… where are you moving?

We’re so glad you asked.

See this picture?

A picture of our new house taken from the driveway of our house this last year. Yeah. We're moving across the street.

A picture of our new house taken from the driveway of our house this last year. Yeah. We’re moving across the street.

That’s right. The house behind that red van… that’s where we’re moving. We get to walk everything to our new house. Or roll it on a dolly. Or watch other strong men carry it. (Any volunteers?)

All that to say… a nice big chunk of our start-up costs (the one many of you helped us raise over  a year ago) are now going to REALLY great use. One of the perks of living in someone else’s home is, well, it’s furnished.

Not so when you move out on your own!

We have the task of filling this space with beds and schranks and kitchen utensils… and all the things that make a house a home. Praise the Lord for the deals that can be snagged, treasures that can be restored, and the many things that benefit multiple homes before they ever meet the recyclinghof. We are so grateful that this year has given us a chance to wait for used items, store things in preparation, and be patient for affordable goods… which is not often the case for people who arrive here immediately to an empty house. We feel that our money has not only been well spent in providing for our home… but has benefited friends and local missionaries and not big, mainstream, mass-production companies.

So celebrate with us!

Then come visit! We have the perfect guest room waiting for YOU!


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