German Dance Class

1352892_10152233437327571_362652329_o Today Hannah had her first dance class.

She’s definitely got her daddy’s moves… plus all the princess-y flair of twirls and spins.

She loves to dance.

We signed her up for the local community dance class for kids. Since my German is still at a minimum… I wasn’t really sure what we needed to bring. I prepared Hannah that this would be a learning-lesson… we’d observe carefully what the others were doing and we’d go from there.

At least fifteen other families brought their little darlings.

Hannah was the only English speaking dancer… and I was the only English speaking mother (so far as we could tell). This was GREAT for our German language practice.

We right away noticed that most girls brought some kind of gym bag, leggings, dance shoes… and as Hannah later informed me, a snack. (It’s only a 50 minute class, people!) Hannah had just finished her snack as we walked in.

It struck me as I stood there watching the other girls get ready (some of whom happened to be classmates of Hannah’s from the Kindergarten) what another super-great opportunity this is to get to know more women in the community. I had no idea that this was the thing to do with your little four-year-old girl. I feel like I discovered a secret… a treasure… dug a little deeper and entered a new level of German life.

And it was only class one. 1230575_10152233436142571_700827877_o

I hope that as the weeks progress I will have more opportunities to practice my German with these women and their daughters. In the meantime, I put on my brave face and step into the discomfort of communication contained in smiles and nods and the pleasantries I’ve learned. What a fun opportunity.

I was also grateful when Hannah’s biggest complaint when I picked her up (Mommies can’t stay) was that “they put big ugly shoes on me and said they were dance shoes but they were not.” I have no idea what they put on her feet, but I promised to get her some dance shoes that she likes for the next one.

Her complaint WAS NOT that the whole lesson was in German. I’m not even sure she noticed…


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