Year End Review

The German “IRS” has begun targeting expats. A few families who have been here for years are finding themselves suddenly owing back-taxes.

Missionaries are being forced to leave the country and their ministries because they can’t pay the back-taxes.

Praise the Lord, TeachBeyond is working hard to make sense of it all and to help us be prepared each year.

Part of this includes setting aside 12% of our budget to cover the tax. After assessing the past year and projecting a budget for the future, here is the picture:

We are preparing to live on 61% of our necessary income.

Imagine suddenly living on 40% less than the year before.

We should feel really stressed.

Instead, we stand in awe of God’s grace and mercy and provision.

In the last two years, we have lost $336/month in support. That equates to half a month of groceries. Thirteen days a month. Every month. Each year. That’s incredible.

And yet…

We have eaten every single day. We have paid every single bill. God has provided.

A number of you give generously above-and-beyond your pledge. THANK YOU. We say that with tears in our eyes… thank you.

Most of you have given faithfully and consistently, sacrificially, without missing a beat for a year and a half. Thank you. Deeply.

But God is good and we know He will continue to provide. We expected to use up our $20,000 special-gift funds by the end of this year.

We still have half of it left.

This means we have lived both frugally and wisely (hopefully) and that God has filled in the deficit without us even realizing the extent to which we had one.

We are determined to see God’s ministry continue in Germany, so long as He calls us all to it. We see this targeting of expats as a tool of the enemy to thwart and end the good work that God is doing here, and through here:

  • A huge chunk of our future missionaries are currently students at BFA. They are receiving transformational education that is preparing them for their place in the world. Many of their hearts are already set to continue in the footsteps of their parents, either joining their parents’ ministry full-time, or venturing out to begin their own. They are multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and have already lived in many, many different environments. They aren’t scared of Africa or the Middle East because many of them have been raised in these places, bringing Good News to the unreached.
  • The ministry of BFA allows over a hundred families to continue serving in their front-line locations in over 52 countries. Their kids prepare for university in the US, with teachers who “get them” while their parents continue to serve. If BFA staff have to leave… BFA closes their doors, and the majority of these families leave their fields. Satan would love to close us down.
  • The local German community… our neighbors, our language-parters, our cooking teachers, our grocers, our restaurant owners, our mechanics, our registrars… are rubbing shoulders with the Good News every single day. Remove us from Germany, and a huge chunk of God’s witness leaves with us. Not to mention a huge chunk of the local industry. Our presence here is a big financial benefit to our little village.

This is just a sampling… a tiny glimpse, into the work that is going on here. And we know we only see with our limited human vision.

We will share in an upcoming newsletter about our specific roles here and how we see God making an impact with our time, financial investment, and commitment to serve. And we pray, in the powerful name of Jesus, that the ploys of the enemy will be thwarted. Will you join us?

Would you consider continuing your sacrificial support?

If you are new will you consider a support of $100 or $150 a month? (Or whatever you can offer?)

If you would like to become one of our support heroes, PLEASE DO! EVERY single gift makes a huge difference. We can’t guarantee that we will have a renter or a home placement student next year. Though God has used it this year, THANK YOU LORD, we can’t rely on it for each year.

You can choose to give monthly, automatically (which is best for us) or in special gifts (which are also great!)

Just click HERE to get started.

We love you all and are so grateful for the ways you have joined God’s global vision and our family’s part in acting it out.


2 thoughts on “Year End Review

  1. So glad to hear that the Lord is providing for you all, and it has been such a blessing to be part of what He is doing! 🙂 Also, I really enjoyed getting your Christmas card– how/where can I write back?

    • Awwww, I’m so glad you enjoyed our card! You can write back to us here: Waldeckstrasse 14/1, 79400 Kandern DE. It’s also posted in the sidebar on the right. We’d love to hear from you!

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