When God Multiplies Valentines


Most Germans don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like North Americans do. Here, it is primarily a day between couples… and not a super important one. In our local grocery store, there were about 10 new additions to the greeting card aisle. That’s it.

Not a Hallmark card kinda day.

So when we make Valentine cards and gifts for our German neighbors, for German classmates, and German friends, we have to quickly follow-up with an explanation. (And when I say “make” I mean make. No Valentine’s cards for kids for sale or Valentine’s Day candies on display).

“Today is Valentine’s Day in America,  a day of sharing love with our loved ones and friends, and we want to share it with you, too.”

This year, as Hannah and I arrived at Kindergarten with our goodie bags for her unsuspecting classmates,  I realized we didn’t have enough. I prayed a quick silent fishes-n-loaves prayer over her bags. I was 6 kids and 3 teachers short. Holy cow! I left with peace and my prayer… there was nothing I could do.

When I picked Hannah up that afternoon, her teacher thanked me and said that everyone enjoyed our Valentine love. I asked Hannah if she’d had enough for everyone,

“Yeah, mommy! I gave one to each kid, my teachers, and I still had one left! So I gave it to Sierra.” (a friend of hers in a different class)

She had no idea she wasnt supposed to have enough, let alone extras. I’m guessing there weren’t nine missing people from class that day.

I smiled.

God multiplied her Valentines.

He took His love, the opportunity a holiday gives to highlight and share it, and without anyone but me realizing it, performed a miracle of love and kindness.

How many miracles does He perform that we never see? That we never realize was from the mystery and generosity of His hand? From His heart of love? I’m sure we will be astounded when we get to see the behind-the-scenes footage of our lives.

Showering us every moment with His bigger-than-Valentine love.

Praise the Lord for letting us join His ministry of love to the people around us!

We are also watching a fishes-n-loaves miracle over HERE, where we are helping to raise awareness and funds for a community center in South Africa. 250 orphans and 150 adults, community of my friend and her three adopted siblings. Phase One is building a community garden… and you can help. You can be a part of God’s miracle of love for this small community of folks.

You can also help by purchasing one of these cool necklaces from HERE. (I’ve bought a couple and I can’t WAIT to show you when they arrives).

And when you donate, you can also get Lisa-Jo Baker’s book (and Crystal Paine’s… both incredible) OVER HERE!

It’s easy. Will you join us in praying for God’s abundance to overthrow to our community and this one in South Africa?

***After I wrote his post, I went and picked up Hannah from her Sunday school class. “Look what I learned, Mommy!”


“Fishes and Loaves!”


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