Hello Goodbye

10467646_10152913918367571_2115625328_o Today begins only one of many hard goodbye’s.

Two years ago we said goodbye to life as we’d known and loved it in Fresno.

We then said “hello” to a new language, new food, new culture, new everything.

Then a year ago we began saying goodbye to new friends…

and hello to new friends.

The goodbyes and hellos haven’t stopped since.

Today we said goodbye to our Home-Placement son, “Felipo.”

It caught me off guard.

With all the torrent of change going on… trying to get our house in order to leave it for eight weeks, fixing last minute breaking dish washers and figuring out the mysteries of lost hot water… it just wasn’t on my radar that I had a significant goodbye today.

But it came all the same.

We said goodbye to our “Felipo.” He’s lived with us this year so he could attend BFA and his family could continue their work in Europe. They’ve now been re-stationed and they get their son back! Which is cause to celebrate… because as you know, most of the kids we’ve taken in the past have been foster kids with parents in very difficult situations. This was our first child that has a loving, devoted family! And what a joy to be part of their reunion. And what sorrow to see our “son” and “brother” leave. Dinner was hard. One less plate at the table. Corban and Hannah were equally as surprised as I was… because I hadn’t prepared them.

And there are only more goodbyes to come.

To our dear friends who have to leave for a one year Home Ministry Assignment.

To at least five other young moms and their families whom God has called to new locations.

To kids from Kindergarten, First grade, and 8th grade who are moving away with their families.

To all of the graduating Seniors of BFA… a handful of whom I had in Creative Writing last year and love.

So. Many. Goodbyes.

There’s a GREAT article on how those staying behind can stay WELL in the midst of so much change.

And I realize many of you needed this article two years ago when we left.

But after these next few days of goodbyes, we get to say hello again.

Hello to the Bridge Church and our much-missed community there.

To our dear friends.

To our family.

To food we’ve missed (Oh yeah, you can say hello to food!).

And then we’ll say goodbye again.

So to those to whom we now say Adieu,

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Number 6:24-26




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