God Uses Actors?

We just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share one of the local ministries here in Kandern. There are quite a few ministries who’ve set up their European offices in Kandern. Not only is our location strategic (on the border of three European countries) but we have Black Forest Academy for children of missionaries.

GemStone Media is a ministry of Greater Europe Mission (GEM). We have quite a few friends who serve with GEM and we love the way God is using them to reach Europe. Gemstone’s website says:

 Through prayer and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the goal of GemStone Media is to create engaging and compelling media to facilitate the most strategic advancement of God’s Kingdom throughout Europe and the world.

We (mostly Jeremy) had the honor of participating in one of these media projects. Who knew that God could take acting skill and spread the message of His transformation love? There’s hope for our theatrical children! (It also took a bunch of filming, producing, directing, editing, etc. skill, so there’s even hope for our technical people out there!) 🙂

Why I Live: the Sabrina Kébli Story has just been released and you can view it here:

Why I Live: The Sabrina Kébli Story [English] from GemStone Media on Vimeo.


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