Tschuss to Fall, Willkommen to Winter


Liz was a Brainiac in High School Musical 🙂

October and November have been full and exciting months. November is National Novel Writing Month and Picture Book Idea Month. So much of my (Marcy) personal time is spent engaging with a global writing community and writing a novel in one month. And coming up with 30 new picture book ideas. And, in the case of this month, taking on a freelance editing project for a Swedish man who is self-publishing in English. Whew! Add to that four kids with busy school schedules, work, and ministry… and we’re feeling a little tired.

But it’s the kind of tired that comes after really good work.

Which is also why we haven’t posted in awhile. So here is just a snippet of what we’ve been up to.

  • Dinner and Dialogue at the Art Factory with author, Sarah Thebarge. She spoke on her book, “The Invisible Girls.” All profits go to college funds for the children in her book. Consider getting one if you haven’t.
  • Chaperoning the 2nd grade field trip 🙂
  • Attending the wedding reception of one of our Kindergarten teachers. We were the only English-speaking family in a crowd of a BUNCH. It was fun to experience this part of German life and support and encourage this teacher along with ALL of the kindergartners.
  • Jeremy co-leads a Small Groups (for High School guys)
  • Awana for local English and German-speaking children (Jeremy is a leader in T&T)
  • High School Musical! The students of BFA put on a wonderful rendition of HSM. I co-casted the play, which was so much fun. Liz performed as a Brainiac. The whole thing was fantastic. We’ve been singing HSM songs ever since.
  • Connecting with a new Spanish-speaking family who, literally, showed up on our porch asking for connection. They’d seen our blog and saw that Jeremy was Colombian. Because our address is listed, the mom came over. WOW! We’ve continued to spend time with this family and their two young sons.
  • Christmas Banquet. Jeremy and I are Freshman Class sponsors and were able to attend this Student Council led event. Well, not just attend. We taught Salsa dancing! HA!
  • I organized this season’s Book Club, where we had a local author come and share their book, “Strangers Like Angels: With a Devil or Two to Boot.”
  • Thanksgiving Fest at CSK where we share a traditional Thanksgiving meal together with our German families. I co-led the craft this year with one of our German mamas.
  • German cooking class… my fifth class hosted by the local adult school on how to cook traditional German foods.

And much, much more. Here are a smattering of photos of our time these last couple of months 🙂 It’s been RICH!

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3


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