Indwelling at BFA High School Retreat


A few weeks ago, all of the students and their small group leaders left for a weekend retreat in snowy Switzerland. Our older two each have their own small groups, and Jeremy co-leads a small group of Sophomore guys.

Tuesdays are crazy days for Jeremy. He leaves the house around 8am and teaches a full day then gets on a school bus and rides from his campus in Sitzenkirch to our main high school campus in Kandern. He follows a bunch of really excited kids running for Awana… and he co-leads a group of TnT kiddos. He walks home with Hannah and Corban around 6pm and we have a quick supper. Then he’s off again… to join a friend in discipling, mentoring, and walking alongside a group of 10th grade young men. He gets home around 9:30pm. Exhausted.

Out of this pouring-of-self and Tuesday craziness has come some really neat opportunities. Like mentoring these young men… young men who want his voice in their lives. It’s beautiful. To see how God uses our messiness… our past mistakes, our past shame, our past healing, our present healing… our story. He uses it connect us with others in a unique and powerful way. I see that in Jeremy and his relationships with these guys.

11021434_862568513801657_1475202413847061739_oSo off they all went, to sled, hike, play games, relax, and to discuss the theme, “Indwelling” (John 14:20). Their conversations and chapel times were full of conversations about the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives… and how often we leave this piece of the Trinity in the shadows. Jeremy came back feeling recharged and re-excited about the ways of the Holy Spirit, and I know this sentiment was spread throughout campus. His group had though-provoking conversations in their small-group times.

We asked many of you (on our Facebook page) to pray for the High School retreat. THANK YOU! It was an incredible time for many. Meeting weekly for a couple of hours is good. But these retreats provide so much opportunity for digging in and relationship building. Jeremy will likely follow this group to graduation. What an investment! Many small group leaders stay in contact with their “kids” long after graduation. This is our hope too. Thank you for the ways you partner with us to make opportunities like this possible.


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