All in a Month? YES!


Easter picture (Matt was in Greece)

Seriously, this month has been wild. And basically, from this point out, it just gets more and more like wild rapids coursing through rocky crevices and sharp drops.

The final month or so of a school year.

We enjoyed a nice, two week Spring Break. Liz spent the first week in Spain with her mission team (post to come) and Matt spent the second week in Greece with his mission team (post to come). We slept in, played games, and hung out with our German family and friends. Spring began to take on a noticeable form, full of sunshine and warm days, which thrilled us. (Now we’re back to rainy).

Here’s a snapshot of the last month.

I (Marcy) was published again! “Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Trauma and Triumph”

And this is a super special book.


My book arrived! And that’s my name! In PRINT!

Because I’m chapter buddies with the delightful Dorina Gilmore (who happens to have a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORINA!!!!!) Yep, Dorina is ALSO published in this book. AND so is my missionary friend, Glenda Alvord, who also ministers here in Germany. She and I meet fairly regularly with each other, and sometimes with our husbands, to talk writing, healing, and life.

That would be enough… but there’s more. The very LAST chapter of the book is a reader response to an essay I wrote in the previous book, “Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Hope and Faith.” And it’s powerful. If you’re in the Fresno area, you can get a copy from Dorina. She gets a small profit from every book you buy from her so start there. If you’re in the Kandern area, you can come to Glenda or I. Or, you can get it on Amazon (where none of us make any profit but where you still benefit from a BEAUTIFUL encouraging read).


Yum- Easter dinner with our German family

We spent Easter day with our German family. WE LOVE THESE FRIENDS! We haven’t seen them as much this year as we like. But we got Easter with them! We played games, ate delicious Easter treats, and laughed a lot. They gave our kids gift bags of chocolate goodies, made lamb-shaped cakes, and spoiled us. As usual. And we got a lot of German-language practice in.

We also enjoyed a beautiful Spring day with them. A11157245_10153785568487571_112957112_o local town, Binzen, had a Spring Fest, which included a free train ride from our town. (It’s a small steam train that travels through a handful of local villages). After passing beautiful countryside, we arrived in Binzen. We tasted our way through the village, enjoying the companionship of our German family, and the sights and sounds of local German life. We found €1 cotton candy which my kids were THRILLED about (it might have been Hannah’s first time eating cotton candy).

11181541_10153798705037571_446292772_oWe also had a week of hosting Dutch students. Back in the Fall, our older two went with their World History class to Holland on an exchange program. They loved it. They toured historical sites, lived the Dutch way (with lots of bike riding and chocolate sprinkles). It was now BFA’s turn to host the Dutch students. It was so much fun! We had two young ladies stay with us. They were brave, adventurous, and very gracious. The Dutch are known for their blunt honesty so I think we can trust them when they said their time here was “Very nice.” They were the sweetest girls, and my little two still say how much they miss having them here. We made them pancakes, french toast, Asian food, Mexican food, hamburgers, pizza, and plenty of sandwiches. I mean, isn’t that American food? A mix of world dishes? 11211612_10153817943172571_1032283508_o

Yesterday was Hannah’s 6th birthday. She has chicken pox. While that was something we’d hoped would happen naturally (and it did, yay!) we wouldn’t have chosen THIS week, the week of her birthday party, school photos, and days I’d offered to watch other kids. All the same, she has healed very well. It began last Sunday evening and today her scabs are looking GREAT. We did our best to make her birthday a special day, since she and I especially have been house-bound for awhile. We fulfilled her requested meals: pizza for breakfast, waffles for lunch, and fresh fish for dinner. 🙂 We gratefully were able to postpone her party for another week or so… the birthday that keeps on keeping on.

This is just a small glimpse into the happenings of our lives here. Sorry it’s taken a whole month to get some of it down! We love and appreciate all of you. Thank you for praying for us, encouraging us, and walking beside us.

Ways you can pray:

  • This Monday we begin hosting our own Community Impact group, a group that meets once a month in order to encourage each other to live Missionally. Missional Living is a lifestyle that focuses on intentionally living out The Great Commission and The Great Commandment in your daily life. This is done through building genuine relationships with people we’re in regular contact with in order to love, serve, and share the gospel with them.We share stories, challenges, and ideas in order to learn from each other. We also hold each other accountable and pray together.
  • We are about $500/month short in monthly donations. Our mission may need to decrease our salary in order to help us make ends meet. We live well on what we get each month, which is also a reduced salary by our choice. But losing $500 more… that’s basically our entire grocery budget. Please, please consider joining our Support Hero team. We can’t continue to invest well into the lives of local friends, local missionaries, or these children and their families on a reduced budget. You can imagine a cut like that to your own budget… it’s not easy.

Want to help but not sure how? 

  • Pray. Pray, pray, pray. God can move mountains and send us some cattle from those thousand hills.
  • Start giving! Any amount helps.
  • Already give? Some of our supporters, with time, have increased their support. This is a blessing beyond words. THANK YOU.
  • You can also host an event on our behalves. Our Sunday School at The Bridge hosts an annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser for us. It means so much and helps a lot!
  • Share our newsletter, this website, or support page! Maybe you have friends and family who believe in God’s ministry here and would love to join our team.

I’ll be honest. I like to be self-reliant. It gives me a sense of control.

Living on fundraised support is very uncomfortable. Challenging. Risky. It requires more than me. It requires a team. The Body. I love community. But I love to be the one contributing. AH! Giving and receiving is such a faith challenge. Thanks for joining in with us. Thanks for the grace and mercy through the awkwardness of the asking.

We love you all!

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