We Launched a Community Impact Group!

What was supposed to be a 30-second video (ha!) got a little longer because… well, we’re excited! Community Impact groups are an invigorating, inspiring, and important. They bring us together with German and English-speaking believers to share stories of ways we are living intentionally and missionally, not just in our jobs, but in our whole lives. Our main role is still our main role… educating, loving, and nurturing missionary children and their families from all around the world.

But we’ve been planted in Germany.

There is a saying in German that translates something like this: “We have forgotten that we have forgotten God.”

It’s not that they’ve just forgotten Him. This generation doesn’t realize that they ever even knew Him. That He exists.

And they are our neighbors. Our cashiers. The moms at Kindergarten. Our teachers. Our chimney sweep. Our landlord. Our friends.

We have such an opportunity to live and love well. In the following video, we share one way how 🙂

Missional Smallgroups: Living Missional beyond cultural boundaries (Interview with Jeremy and Marcy Pusey) from LEAP Network on Vimeo.


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