Village Life

11639187_10153975164607571_491419774_o It’s been awhile since we’ve written.

And not because we’ve been sitting around bored… quite the opposite! It’s been CRAZY!

I’m sure most of you relate. The end of the school year is a wild time. Adding to that, our family schedule has been WAY off. Two weeks ago school at BFA ended… but NOT at CSK, Corban’s elementary school. So for two weeks, we’ve been trying to keep a school schedule with two teenagers home for the summer. We’re exhausted.

Tomorrow is the last day of THAT craziness, praise God! Not to mention, the sun sets around 10pm and is up again around 5:30am. Yeah, that doesn’t help. ūüôā So the weeks since my marathon run have been a different sort of marathon… and the finish line is in sight. HALLELUJAH!

We are looking forward to our summer in Kandern this year… slow and quiet (ha!) 11649343_10153975165932571_325123287_o

Besides all of the school stuff, we’ve been working intentionally with being involved in village life. One of our favorite ways to do that is through the Art Factory in town… a ministry that uses the arts as a bridge. And we love it. (If you want to see some of the paintings from local artists, including Jeremy, go here.) 11539715_10153975163942571_404532201_oRecently, Art Factory artists had the opportunity to display and sell their work at a local art show. It was a day with rain and sun dancing the tango… beautiful, but challenging. It was held in a beautiful garden in a nearby village. There was a play ground and a bounce house… so parents could shop!

We relish these opportunities to go out into the community and connect over art. As a recent Artist in Residence¬†(and now friend),¬†Christ John Otto,¬†recently said, “To be an artist is to be the center, not the fringe.” 11639598_10153975165162571_1180770262_oArt shapes culture… and get to be in the midst of that as Christian artists. What a great opportunity!

In addition to all that fun, our little town also recently held its St√§dtlitag… basically, “City Day.” Everyone comes out for wurst and bread and waffles and ice cream. The center of town is the place-to-be. And we were there! One of the banks offered a kids club for kids and Corban and Hannah signed up. They left with all sorts of goodies just for being kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And¬†these¬†awesome creatures…er… stilted-decorated-people were a ton of fun. An employee of the¬†local shop where you can print photos, get glasses, or passport / visa photos, made sure the l knew about them. Four meters tall! If you’re trying to be a familiar face in the village… this is the place to be. Next year marks the 25th year they’ve been holding this event and it stands to be BIG. Village life over the summer happens at the pool, and we are more than happy to participate in that. AND they just began to offer free WIFI at the pool (how awesome is that?) so we can get some writing and updating done at the same time! What-the-what?! 11638662_10153985813632571_468611726_oOf course there’s much more to say about the last couple of months… graduation, the goodbyes and helloes as missionaries come and go, the end-of-school fun at BFA, the birthdays (we’ve had two since the last post), the ceremonies and celebrations, the conversations. Thank you, again and always, to anyone who stands with us as faithful prayer warriors and Support Heroes. The investment we get to make on your behaves is precious and eternal.


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