3rd Advent- When God Saw Us

I (Marcy) had the opportunity to write a mini drama for our church’s 3rd advent Sunday. A lot of thought, prayer, and conversation with church leadership went into it. I had a handful of dreams leading up… some where like nightmares where everything went wrong… and one in particular led me to invite one of the actors to participate, which was a complete God-thing on many levels.

I write… and then hand it over to God, as each of the actors did as well (in learning their lines… which they had about a day to do). Jeremy and Hannah were able to join the crew, along with a couple other friends. The sermon that followed was very creative and engaging, as a “shepherd” told his story of that night, so long ago, when the host of heaven appeared with news that changed everything. News that didn’t arrive first to the noble, the royal, the “worthy,” but instead, to the lowly, the forgotten, the nothings. What a joy that we have this story to remind us that we matter. He sees us.

He sees you.

Be blessed, sweet friends, as you remember His great care for you.


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