4 Years and Counting


Then – Aug 2012 – right after we registered at the Town Hall


Now – July 2016 – with our new French friend 🙂

It’s been four years!

Four years ago we started out on a crazy adventure. All we had were vision, faith, and a whole group of people standing with us financially and prayerfully when we boarded a plane and crossed the world.

We had no idea that the refugee crisis would strike, giving us immediate access to so many new friends and relationships from the middle east. We never foresaw moving to Germany and using our basement apartment to house a small family of Syrian refugees. Syrians? in Germany?

We had no idea we’d spend time at a German neighborhood barbecue, sharing meals and laboring in language with these friends we’ve had for four years. People to whom we’ve delivered Christmas and Valentine’s cookies… and from which we’ve received lively conversation, care, and friendship.

We only guessed at the influence Jeremy could have in the classroom, being a Third Culture Kid himself. Now we have four years of kids and families with a variety of stories of how Jeremy has impacted their kids. Children who came low-performance and left flourishing. Kids who were behind in english language learning (because of living in host cultures) who caught up and thrived. Kids who found community, regardless of their background. These kids are now Freshman in high school, 8th grade, 7th grade, and 6th grade. Some have returned to their host countries, others have made a life in the United States, and many of the families still speak of Jeremy’s impact during their year in his class.

We also didn’t anticipate the hard stuff we’ve faced… the challenges in parenting children of trauma (or that we’d write and publish a best-selling book about it!). We had no idea we’d reach the “dark night of our souls” in our marriage and spend a great deal of money working to heal and repair with a counselor. We had no idea how painful goodbyes might be… how hard new hellos might be, or the stress and fear of living month to month on donations.

Yet, through it all, beautiful or messy, God has sustained us. As Paul said, “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:12-13).

Currently, we are in a time of want. When we left, we knew we’d be here a minimum of two years, but that we wanted to be here indefinitely. Over the last four years, we’ve seen the great importance of longevity. It takes time to build relationships with neighbors and the refugees and students. Because we’ve stayed four years, Jeremy has been able to follow a small-group of guys to their Senior year (and Lord willing, graduation this year!) I know this is meaningful to the students, many who stay in contact with their small-group leaders after grad… if the leader didn’t change every year.

Today we opened our July statement and made a decision to cut our salary by 25% until we can raise our funding.

That is a HUGE pay cut… money that we rely on month to month. But in order to stay in the “positive” numbers, we had to make this decision.

Basically, we need about $20,000 to finish out the next two years before our Home Ministry Assignment begins. This allows us to get Matt and Liz to graduation (so they don’t have to move during their junior year of high school) and, as class sponsors for the class of 2018, we get to graduate our class. This also allows us to complete a full term in Germany before being required to leave the country for 366 days, at which time we plan to take a furlough year in the U.S. (During this year, we will re-evaluate our call and time in Germany and fundraise accordingly).

We are short about $1000 every month. 

We need to launch a partner-raising effort to help us make it through these next 22 months.

We will be sending a newsletter in the next day or two laying out some new roles we are taking on this year (woohoo!) as well as more on our financial situation.

In the meantime, will you consider contributing to our need?

  • You can do this monthly ($50/month adds up but feels small in increments) or in special gifts. All special gifts go into our account and spreads us out through the year.
  • You can also host an event in your home or church to help us raise funds.
  • A silent auction?
  • Or maybe you have a car or other item to sell on our behalf?

We’d love to chat about the possibilities.

If you already financially support us, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are so, so grateful. Due to a number of hardships, we’ve lost a handful of supporters, but the bulk of you have been inspirationally faithful to God’s work in and through our family. THANK YOU!!!

If you are able to help us give our all these next two years, you can give HERE. If you’d like to chat about ways to help us raise funds, please send an email! We can Skype (or Facetime or use the regular ‘ol phone) to chat. We need help.

Love to you all! Thank you for being such a precious part of these four years. God is so good and we are blessed. *hugs*

The Pusey Family



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