Recognized for Five Years of Service

We were recently recognized at an All Staff dinner for our five years of service to BFA. While they can’t cover everything in a few short minutes, the words they shared are deeply meaningful and we are grateful.

The speaker here was Jeremy’s supervisor for his two years working at the Middle School campus. We are also co-sponsors with her for the Junior class at BFA. She is a woman we admire deeply, with an encouraging heart, strong leadership, and a Christ-centered view in all things. (I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂 -Marcy)

You can watch the video below! (A transcript is below the video)


“When I think of of you both, you represent to me the phrase of Partners in Adventure.

Jeremy, when you were not even yet here, you were described six years ago by the exiting Year 5 teacher as one of the finest elementary trained teachers he had ever met. And we soon got to experience that. You have used your Masters in reading specialization to train language arts teachers in how to do reading assessments for benchmarking levels and students have benefited from your differentiated reading approach. Every day in your classroom is a new adventure: desks might be moved into a new configuration, an art project might be brought into lessons, and iPads are used by students for showing designed graphs, charts, and knowledge of math. Your own personal history with bilingual educations has made you sensitive to the needs of students who are developing their own language skills in more than one language.

Marcy, you are part of this adventure in Germany through keeping donor relations going and through your writing. You have also viewed your home as a landing pad for BFA students: one student lived with your family for a year, several spend the night so that they can participate in Chrysalis [Small groups], and you have helped Spanish speaking people in the area who always seem to find your home. You have served as a freshman, sophomore, and now junior class sponsor which means helping with fundraisers and parties. You have jumped in to substitute for Writing and Spanish classes and most recently were the featured author at CSK, our partner school, as you read from your recent publications “Tercules” and “According to Corban.”

Thank you so much, Marcy and Jeremy, for five years of service to BFA students and staff and for your continued commitment to living the adventure of Christian Education together.”



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