4 Weeks and 29 Luthers

Hello all!

We’ve been slowly acclimating to the heat and time change during our five days in Fresno. And we’ve been loving opportunities to see some of your beautiful faces! How surreal to be in your presence again!

We want to make you aware of a few opportunities to see us during this short stay, along with our main purpose in this Summer Home Ministry Assignment: to invite new (and old) people to join God’s work in the lives of our neighbors, our students, and their families. Scroll down to see upcoming opportunities to visit us.

We are searching for partners to join us raise $1500/ month (which can also be given as special gifts)!

And, Martin Luther has joined us and offered his services to new monthly partners! If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ll have seen him enjoying his travels from Germany on his 500th anniversary of the Reformation. You may not realize it, but Luther is the father of modern education and is VERY excited about our work at BFA! We’ll share more about that soon.

We have 29 Luthers to give to new monthly commitments (or increased current monthly commitments!) At $50/month, every Luther could have a new home and our goal met! (Though, we will give a Luther for any monthly commitment). Follow our thermometer over the next 4 weeks and watch us progress to our goal!

You can give NOW by clicking HERE. Send us your confirmation email and we will get your Playmobil Martin Luther (complete with Plume and German Bible Translation) to you! Or sign up and one of our following events:

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 8th, we will be at Petunia’s Place. Marcy has a book signing for her children’s picture books and Reclaiming Hope from 1pm – 3pm at 6027 N Palm Ave, Fresno, CA 93704. Come join us!

Sunday, July 9th: Ice Cream Social!

Join us on a HOT day at Chris and Dana Johnson’s House for an ice cream social, where we’ll share what we’ve been up to, our future plans, and cool down with a sweet treat. *Please bring a chair and an ice cream topping*Click here to see the Facebook Event

We will also be at the Bridge Church all day this Sunday (and each Sunday) in a variety of Sunday School classrooms and in the service. This Sunday, we’ll be in the Trinity Sunday School Class at 9:30am.

We hope to see you soon!!!


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