Where is Home?

There are 57 days until we leave this home and venture to another one for a year of partial settled-ness. My heart stops at that number. 57 days? That’s IT? In that time, we have to secure who will be living in our home while we are away. Bank details. Car details. Contracts and Notifications. … Continue reading

Our Summer Home Ministry Assignment

We had such a wonderful, rich 4 weeks with many of you in California in July. We have SO much to be grateful for! God orchestrated many meaningful conversations and opportunities. We also experienced the humbling generosity of SO many. Here are some examples: • 5 different families offered to loan us their vehicle (3 … Continue reading

The Distance Between Smiles

Sometimes it takes sharing your story over and over before you remember how incredible it really is. Or how often God is at work in the small moments. We spent four weeks sharing the story of our lives and work with friends and family in the U.S. The encouragement we felt in the feedback of … Continue reading

4 Weeks and 29 Luthers

Hello all! We’ve been slowly acclimating to the heat and time change during our five days in Fresno. And we’ve been loving opportunities to see some of your beautiful faces! How surreal to be in your presence again! We want to make you aware of a few opportunities to see us during this short stay, … Continue reading

Recognized for Five Years of Service

We were recently recognized at an All Staff dinner for our five years of service to BFA. While they can’t cover everything in a few short minutes, the words they shared are deeply meaningful and we are grateful. The speaker here was Jeremy’s supervisor for his two years working at the Middle School campus. We … Continue reading

My Brave Back-Bend-Walking Beauty

My Brave Back-Bend-Walking Beauty

As parents, there are always opportunities to parent our kids from our own fears, our own past experiences, and from our heres-my-2nd-chance-to-live-through-my-kid-ness. Many of those moments slip us by without notice. Every now and then we have the blinding awareness that we have an opportunity to let our kids figure out who they are, without our … Continue reading

4 Years and Counting

4 Years and Counting

It’s been four years! Four years ago we started out on a crazy adventure. All we had were vision, faith, and a whole group of people standing with us financially and prayerfully when we boarded a plane and crossed the world. We had no idea that the refugee crisis would strike, giving us immediate access to … Continue reading

The Best Gift EVER

Words don’t even begin to convey the amount of joy and gratitude we experienced today. Two days ago we celebrated “Gotcha Day” – the sixth anniversary of the adoptions of two of our children. We splurged on a family meal out, celebrating the gift of these kids to our family, and the gift of a … Continue reading

I Was Naked And You Clothed Me

I Was Naked And You Clothed Me

“I was naked and you clothed me…” Okay, they didn’t come naked but they came wet. Dirty. Freezing. Frightened. One even came covered in Scabies. No joke. One of the opportunities God gave us was to see the whole process of clothing, from donation, to sorting and organizing, to clothing tents, to actually clothing people. If you have … Continue reading