Our Story

 Jeremy Pusey was born in Bogota, Colombia. Jeremy’s father was born in San Andres, a Caribbean island now owned by Colombia (though it is much like the Hawaii of the U.S.) His mother was the child of immigrants from Germany and Denmark. She met his father while living an expatriate life in Colombia. He spent many of his childhood years between the countries of Colombia and the United States. He attended U.C. Santa Cruz and achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics and Bronze Casting. After living a stint of his life as an artist, he attained a degree and credential in Education. He has a Masters in Education. His decision to follow Jesus and radically follow Him transformed his life and gave it the meaning he’d been seeking. He met Marcy and was married in 2004.

He is fluent in Spanish and English and working on German. Jeremy has four lovely children, some biologically and some through the honor of adoption. He is talented in art (any form), acting, dancing, gardening, making (and keeping) deep friendships, loving his children, supporting his wife, and serving whoever needs his service. Jeremy is one of the local artists of the Art Factory. You can see some of his work (along with the work of other local artists) here. (Look for his signature). The Art Factory is a “non-profit faith informed Arts Endeavor in Europe.” Art is used to bridge people from all faith back grounds, nationalities, languages, and artistic expressions. You can see some of his art HERE.

Last year, Jeremy taught third grade at Christliche Schule Kandern (CSK). This is a German bilingual school where grades one through four learn under an English-speaking teacher (from BFA’s staff) and a German-speaking teacher (from Freie Evangelische Schule staff). The classrooms consist of German students from the local community as well as English-speaking children. By fifth grade, German students are allocated to schools of learning that will lead to their eventual work skill / trade. You can read more about CSK here. Jeremy served not only as the 3rd grade teacher, but as the Lead English Teacher, overseeing the BFA staff assigned to this campus. He has also served for four years as a high school Small Group leader, chaperone for the Spanish class trips to Spain, Class Sponsor, Awana leader, student mentor, and more.

This 2017-2018 school year, Jeremy is teaching high school Ceramics at all levels.

His focus, outside of loving his family and providing quality, Christ-centered education to his students, is to love and serve the German community.

Marcy Pusey was born in Oceanside, California at Camp Pendleton Military Base. Her family moved within San Diego County quite a bit. She moved at least seven times by the time she reached High School. She was so used to transition, that once the family stopped moving, she continued rearranging her room just to keep it changing. This translated into traveling and living around the world (in at least 35 different countries). She achieved Bachelor of Arts degrees from Fresno Pacific University in Social Work and Intercultural Studies with a Mission emphasis. She also has a Masters of Science degree in Counseling. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counseling. Following Christ has always been a major aim in her life. She seeks to serve Him through Counseling, writing, music, art, supporting her husband, loving her children, and being an example of God’s love and truth to the world.

Marcy is a resource for TeachBeyond’s Member Care team in Kandern to provide Counseling services to local missionaries and BFA students as needed. She is also a certified Coach for the CernySmith Assessment. Marcy has served as a co-worship leader, Women’s Ministry leader, Awana leader, and Deaconess of Benevolence at Black Forest Christian Fellowship. She participates in any community events that bridge German people with the local English community… such as local cooking classes, traditional festivities, and events at CSK. Marcy has also served as a translator and chaperone for BFA’s High School Spanish class. She has been a substitute teacher for Journalism, Acting, Creative Writing, and Spanish 2, 3, and AP at BFA. She has also served as an Awana leader, Class Sponsor, student mentor, and volunteer at the local refugee camps.

Marcy is also an international best selling author on Amazon! She writes for children and adults. You can find her blog here. You can also find her on Twitter and LinkedIn. She also works as a freelance professional editor. Finally, you can find her books HERE.