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Black Forest Academy (BFA) exists to provide a quality, international Christian education that equips its students to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action.

BFA was founded in 1956 by TeachBeyond, formerly Janz Team Ministries. It is an international Christian school providing an English language education for grades 3-12. Grades 1-2 are part of a bilingual school, Christliche Schule Kandern. BFA serves the children of international Christian workers and international business families who want a North American curriculum that incorporates a Christian worldview. BFA has an enrollment of approximately 315 students, with about 150 of the 7th-12th grade students in the residential boarding program.

The Black Forest region encompasses the southwest corner of Germany, with BFA located in the picturesque village of Kandern. The nearest cities to BFA include Basel in Switzerland, Mulhouse in France, and Lörrach and Freiburg in Germany. If you’d like more information on living in Kandern, read Moving to Kandern.

BFA represents over 50 countries! Though this number and list changes slightly from year to year, this is the most updated list as of August 2011.

Countries represented at BFA (minus 20 countries that are not able to be named for security reasons):

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bosnia
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Canary Islands
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA
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TeachBeyond’s primary emphasis is on educational initiatives, such as English language camps, professional seminars, and schools, including Black Forest Academy, which was founded in 1956. TeachBeyond is active in countries from Southeast Asia to northern Africa, Brazil and various countries in Europe.

The name TeachBeyond best captures in two simple words our understanding of the Great Commission in Matthew 28, in which Jesus says, “go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” The word ‘beyond’ suggests not only crossing geographical and cultural boundaries, but also indicates further dimensions to the way teaching in a Christian education context is understood and practiced.

The TeachBeyond logo reflects several ideas that are central to what we believe. Essentially the logo is a stylized open book – symbolic not only of education, but more importantly, of the role of God’s Word in missional education. It is placed in a circle, representing the world. The lines evoke a sense of motion outward and beyond – denoting the sharing of education around the world. The pages of the book are depicted by three lines, representing biblical integration, cross-cultural adaptation, and spiritual transformation – three elements we believe are key in order for missional education to be effective. The hint of a gothic window that emerged at the intersection of the lines was coincidental, but recalls the central role that education has played in the history of Christianity.

TeachBeyond challenges us to ‘think beyond’ our current context, encourages our growth as transformational educators, inspires us to get involved, and helps us go where God is taking us.

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